Thursday, May 1, 2014



FORT PIERCE, Florida - It was an offer that I couldn’t refuse. April was free golf lesson month and it came in the middle of one of the most horrible slumps I’ve ever endured. As any golfing snowbird will tell you, spending the winter in Florida is not only a luxury, it’s also an opportunity to work on things that will enable you to crush your friends back home come springtime. It was a no brainer – pay fifteen dollars for the Over the Top Golf eBook, try it out for size, write an article about the experience then get a refund. I read your web site. Your method is not a cure for an over the top swing. Check! It doesn’t fix an over the top swing. Check! According to you, Over the Top Golf will optimize my golf swing whether I swing over the top or not. Check! Well, here’s my article and guess what? I don’t even want my money back!

The Over the Top Golf eBook is a well-narrated pictorial showing step-by-step instructions how to change my swing. In the past there have been countless golf pros who tried to do exactly that, without success I might add. First the book discussed golf swing dynamics, pretty basic stuff that, nevertheless, contained some illuminating ideas that I have incorporated into my repertoire. When one of them doesn’t seem to be working too well, I can switch to one of the others.  Next, the instructor went through the five set-up changes necessary in order to make the whole thing work. I must say, the geometry and physics were shockingly simple yet I have to ask myself why no golf instructor ever figured it out before now. Without giving away any proprietary information, all of these changes are a lesson in simplicity. A front view, a side view and even a top view of the Over the Top Golf swing, shown one frame at a time.  Then there’s a small box in the upper right corner that depicts the entire sequence in action. For such a simple little lesson, the presentation is impressive. For fifteen dollars, I’d say that it’s incredibly impressive!

Now for the results. I have always been a fader, high trajectory drives of 200 yards if I was lucky. No amount of lessons and practice time could cure me of that outside-in, over the top swing. I have never been able to hit long irons from the six iron on down so my approach shots are either with a hybrid or I play three shots to the green. Even my seven iron through pitching wedge shots always strayed off to the right. A decent bump and run short game and above average putter has enabled me to maintain a handicap in the high teens.

The currents state of my golf game has improved so much that I’m moved to sing the praises of the Over The Top Golf swing to anyone who will listen. On the driving range, and this never fails, people come up to me asking what kind of golf swing I’m using. Yes, your Over the Top Golf swing does look different but then so do my golf shots. Being able to duplicate straight shot after straight shot seems incredible to people watching. Your swing has been compared to that of Gary Player on more than one occasion.

Off the tee, I now hit the golf ball low and straight, sometimes with a slight draw. My distance has improved by almost fifty yards. I now hit my hybrids on a lower trajectory as well which means that they are running over the backs of greens – something that never, ever happened with my high floaters. The Over the Top Golf swing has such power to it; I can even hit a five iron now. In fact, I use it more than my hybrids. Lastly, all of my short iron and wedge shots go as straight as any pro out there on the PGA Tour and that’s no exaggeration.  One more thing that’s no exaggeration is that I have won more than that fifteen dollars I spent since learning the Over the Top Golf swing so keep the money with my blessing and if you ever decide to go public with your company, keep my name and address because I’ll be first in line to buy the IPO. - Eddie Reade