Thursday, February 11, 2010


Maybe as a golfer, Steve Stricker is only #2, but in the category "Class Act," I cast my vote for Steve. Had I been the one who climbed back from a 300-something ranking to win at Riviera there would have been firecrackers going off everywhere. Not this dude, though. A humble trophy acceptance speech and some tears at the interviews showed his insides. Never happens with most of the image-conscious PGA pros. I sense carefully crafted responses when I listen to famous golfers. More than just their golf swings come from the same cookie-cutter.

Why am I writing about Steve Stricker or any pro golfer, for that matter? His swing doesn't come from what's on my golf eBook. One thing that Steve talked about impressed me and I'd like to pass it along. When briefly describing his rise from the ashes he spoke about needing to get away by himself so he could fix his golf swing. No teachers, no gurus and no pyschologists.

To me, the only golf swing you should want to possess is one that you understand completely. You may have had golf instruction but eventually, the ideal is to get to a place where you can identify problems and deal with them yourself. That's what Steve Stricker did and that's what you can do too!


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