Sunday, October 3, 2010


Hack-Daddy needs some kind of tool or anything to stop coming over the top. He tried every damn thing he can  to cure his slice but nothing works. Close his stance, close his shoulders, stronger grip.... Nothing seems to get him to stop. This is something he can't correct. He tried to take it back straight back and drop inside but that doesn't even work.

Hack-Daddy's buddy, Shank-Daddy said coming over the top is something he even does and he can't fix it. The only thing for him that works is coming outside the line on the take away and re-routing coming down. It just makes his wrist sore so he needs something else as well.

From another helpful buddy, Daddy Duck-Hooker, "You are using your upper body too much to swing the club down in a hit motion. Your also sliding or moving your head over the top of the ball. I suspect that your coming out of your spine angle."

Duff-Daddy, the fourth in the group chimes in that one good way to start feeling the correct path is to think about swinging out  just right of second base. When you swing the club more out and around you on a longer arc it is near impossible to come over the top.

Just then Wise Old Pro-Daddy arrives to say that one good visual for sliding or covering the ball would be, once you have gotten to the top of your swing try to not let your left eye get in front of the ball on the way down. To correct coming out of your spine angle try swinging your club slowly while a chair is behind you. During the entire swing try to keep a cheek or a hip on the chair. Some of the others wonder what planet this guy came from.

Shank-Daddy agrees continuing that you can’t start down hard from the top but rather build speed on the way down. Work on your transition up top. Pause that sucker for a good 1 count (seems like 2 decades) and then let the lower body go. When that doesn't work, he adds, he thinks about cheese.

Big-Mama, their waitress, has a few words of wisdom. She tells them that if you tug on the string of a simple pendulum at just the right time you can inject kinetic energy and increase the amplitude of oscillation.

Duly impressed, they ask for more of her brilliant insight. She complies by saying that the same principle can be used to extract energy. When the phasing is such that it extracts energy, its sometimes called active vibration control or active vibration damping. The men weren't sure that a woman describing vibration was appropriate for the grill but allowed that she must have been indeed talking about golf instruction.

Shortly thereafter, none other than Yoda himself appears and mumbles the following: "When the club is releasing it is like a pendulum, the club is swinging about a point at the wrists. While we cannot shorten the length of the club shaft during the golf swing we can apply more centripetal acceleration than is needed to keep the club rotating. We can tug "UP" at just the right time thereby injecting kinetic energy to the club head. When done in the final stage of the downswing this is effectively the same thing as "reducing the hand path radius".  

"Follow your ulna, boys" he said as he disappeared into the men's locker room.


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