Tuesday, November 23, 2010


DALLAS, Texas - Every golfer knows what it feels like when you stick the clubhead in the ground and the shock zings all the way up your arm. That sensation is sometimes followed by a sharp pain in your right hand, often resulting from some damage you've done to it.

Memories such as this one seem to preclude more tentative golf swings for many men and women. Men's golf is more power-oriented. Women's golf is more cautious. As such, after a traumatic impact, a man might be more inclined to force the issue, trying to take a larger divot, for example, while women tend to reset at a lower swing speed. Both men and women, however, after repeated impacts, will be compelled by a survival instinct to BACK OFF.

Which is the correct way to solve the problem of how not to suffer a golf injury during your round but still swing the golf club with the authority necessary to produce great shots?

The Over The Top Golf swing was originally created in response to issues involving swing paths and balance but the additional benefits turned out to be much more. My former tribulations involving slices, hooks and golf's other abominations led to a method which produces a squared club face at impact and allows me to hit the ball as hard as I want without hurting myself.

I'm writing this article in reponse to an email I received from a girl in Indiana looking to cure a slice, telling me about the HUGE divots she now takes using the Over The Top Golf swing. "Especially with my wedge and short irons, she wrote, I now take long divots, some almost a foot long, owing to the confidence that I can power my club-head through any turf." That feeling is merely a by-product of the benefits you'll receive from learning this method but it is a wonderful illustration of newly-found confidence.

The basic principle of Over The Top Golf is that you can basically keep your own golf swing but, by adding just five set-up changes, your game will be elevated in many ways. Longer, lower tee shots, improved accuracy and the confidence I just mentioned are a few that come to mind. Owning a swing that you understand and can work with is another one.

If golf lesson after golf lesson hasn't helped and if you don't have a lot of time to practice complicated stuff, The Over The Top Golf swing could be perfect for you.

hit the ball hard!

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