Tuesday, December 7, 2010


 MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin - Are you looking for a great junior golf program? Very young golf students need to be taught in a different manner than older players.

An eight year-old kid asked me to give him a golf lesson so he could play a few holes on a golf course last weekend. After showing him the Over The Top Golf set-up, I gave the kid a Rising Star pitching wedge and pointed at the red flag. A few minutes later he was hitting decent looking shots over the top of it. That’s one way to learn golf.

Results such as that make the process of teaching golf more fun. Using media such as video seems more in tune with today’s kids. It’s another way to learn golf.

If you have a good personality and sufficient knowledge, then as a teacher the odds of success increase dramatically. The simple act of picking one cleanly struck golf shot is a triumph in a kid’s first golf lesson. Just being able to consistently get the ball in the air may be a challenge but soon the innate talent within begins to assert itself.

Right away, young students will learn several easy pitching wedge shots to enhance the experience and encourage growth. Video or online golf lessons designed by a knowledgeable golf teacher can be more effective and cost a lot less than poor private lessons. And your DVD is always nearby for a quick refresher when needed.

Obviously there are some exceptions to the rule. Golf great Bobby Jones never had formal lessons. His instruction was watching the golf swing of the club pro. Most kids would benefit from proper golf instruction from the start.

There is more to discuss on this subject and I also have much to learn. Most junior golf programs are on the right track – others not so much. Perhaps you are interested in golf lessons for adults or general golf lessons for beginners over golf lessons for kids. Take a look at this article: FIND GOLF LESSONS THAT SUIT Y-O-U.

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