Saturday, January 4, 2014


Golf Swing Dynamics - Figure 1
JANUARY 4, 2014 - I would like to take this opportunity, before writing my 200th article for the OVER THE TOP GOLF® blog, to wish everyone a happy new year. And for those who are already students of this golf swing optimization method, continued success on the golf course in 2014. It really doesn't seem like six years have already passed since I created the great OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing but time, just as those of us who swing this way, marches on. I'm, of course, referring to the walk-through finish that is one of the five key components of my golf swing. Today, however, I'm going to touch on a subject that has nothing to do with those five set-up changes - right hand dominant, neutral and left hand dominant golf swing dynamics. There's a lesson here even for those who use a conventional golf swing.
Golf Swing Dynamics - Figure 2

These illustrations show a man tossing a Frisbee but you'll also notice how, instead of standing stock-still as in a conventional golf swing, he is walking through his toss as in the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing. In a left hand dominant dynamic such as this, there is a noticeable pulling motion. A right hand dominant dynamic can be described as more like hitting a nail with a hammer while a neutral dynamic combines the two - more like breaking rocks with a sledge hammer or chopping down a tree with a long-handled axe.
Golf Swing Dynamics - Figure 3

By adding the walk through motion, he has added a tremendous amount of torque to his frisbee toss, creating power which, in turn, allows him to throw it farther than if his feet remained planted. This forward movement and torso rotation is an integral part of the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing. Combined with the other four set-up changes, golfers can take maximum advantage of the force that your body will provide if you have the correct formula. In the golf swing, just using a walk through finish without proper positioning of the rest of you produces highly erratic results. But go outside later and try throwing a frisbee, or even a ball, both ways - with and without walking through the toss. See which one not only feels more natural but also travels farther. 

Sometime soon I will write  articles that focus on the neutral and right hand dominant golf swing dynamic. In the OVER THE TOP GOLF® eBook all three are covered in detail prior to the actual golf lesson. I, myself, learned the golf swing using a dominant right hand dynamic so I still have a tendency to swing that way. But when something just doesn't feel right it's great knowing that I can switch to one of the others in order to save my round.

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