Thursday, January 6, 2011


MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina - It's not only higher handicap golfers who have an over the top golf swing. Along with those who want to fix their slice there are plenty of single-digit handicap golfers who have an outside-in swing path. Many of the folks who purchased my OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD remarked how they were accomplished players looking for something more in a golf lesson. There are even some pros on the PGA and other professional golf tours who have over the top golf swings, although less pronounced. My method can't help to cure it - only physical talent, lots of lessons and plenty of practice time can do that. Instead, OVER THE TOP GOLF is a method that teaches how to do it correctly. What does that mean? Well, my divots still fly left but the ball goes dead-straight and long. Just five set-up changes and, using your own swing, a dramatic improvement follows immediately. And the best part is the fact that little or no practice is necessary to maintain these good results. Learn this simple golf swing method and you own it.

The inside-out swing path can be attained although it takes dedication and effort. Most of us amateurs, unfortunately, either can't find the time or simply don't want to work that hard. The idea behind golf instruction is to find your golf ball in the middle of the fairway and then somewhere on the green. How you get there is up to you.

Bad habits are stronger than good habits because, while the positive effects of good will sustain you in the long run, unhealthy behavior provides immediate rewards. We place greater value on immediate gratification as opposed to being rewarded later on. Receptors and chemicals in the brain come to expect those immediate rewards resulting in a big win for temptation. That’s the reason so many golfers switch to the next “longest driver” every year or two.

The age-old request, “can I have my cake and eat it too” seems unattainable or so common sense and simple mathematics would tell us. But of course, I am here to differ. This is a golf instruction DVD that delivers the answer. From Junior Golf to Senior Golf, this golf video is indispensable. Once again, OVER THE TOP GOLF won’t make you stop coming over the top; rather, it enables you to take maximum advantage of what you do best. Women golfers aren’t an exception. You may be the fairer sex but while stepping up to the tee and booming a 250 yard drive might not seem ladylike, you’ll gladly take it.


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