Tuesday, October 5, 2010


ORLANDO, Florida - It was a natural that a Cadillac Escalade figured prominently in last November's Tiger/Elin debacle. Hasn't Eldrick been trying to sell me a Buick since before his first million? It shows that people aren't necessarily what they pitch and that goes for the not-so-famous as well.

My friend Old Pete owns a liquor store and every Friday afternoon he hosts a beer tasting for the discriminating palates of Palm Beach County. In my opinion, the stuff he pours is downright n-a-s-t-y. His patrons describe the various brews as "woody" or "champagne-like." Old Pete smiles and pours, all the while subliminally wishing for last call so he can crack open a tall-boy Bud for himself. Pouring and pitching, pitching and smiling - it's just what people do.

As for myself, as you know, I bring you the Over The Top Golf® swing which is my patented method for hitting a golf ball consistently straight and a lot, lot longer. And the answer is "Oh Yes" to the question of whether I practice what I pitch. Well, I never actually practice in the literal sense of the word but you get the idea. There's a whole 'nother blog post lying therein. The sweet feeling of jumping out of my car, walking up to the first tee and smacking a long, low one. But I digress....

It's pretty obvious why a super rich person wouldn't be caught dead driving a Buick. No objections on my part to those people wanting the finer things in life. As for Old Pete, since his establishment caters to the popped-collar crowd, why not pretend to love rasberry beer for one afternoon a week? But me? What I teach on my golf instruction DVD is exactly what you'll see me doing on the golf course. Don't know whether Hank Haney actually uses that loopy doohickey in his own golf swing but I promise you that all the doohickeys I do in my lesson are the same doohickeys I do out here in the real world.

I am a Buick and I am a Bud
I'll never be rich and I'll never drink mud
I've made my point so I think I'll stop
You can play better golf swinging over the top

If you find your way to my blog or web site and don't purchase my golf instruction DVD I'd love to know why you didn't. Email me at contact@overthetopgolf.com because spending $25 to produce a 100% improvement in both your ball-striking and confidence seems to be a no-brainer or so I thought. Never had anyone ask for their money back. No reports of any major sprains or emergency room visits after doing the OTG swing. I'm expecting controversy about how the Over The Top Golf® swing is forcing them to lengthen courses but I expected that. Whether you have an outside in golf swing or not (I'm betting that you do), by employing OTG's five set-up changes your game will soar.

Smooth as a brand-new Buick and crisp as an iced-cold Bud.


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