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Feels good to be the stick. Even if your drives aren't the longest, your overall game is in tune. Each time you pull a club your mind tells you there's a good shot coming. Even being down in a match presents no obstacle mentally. You've learned a quality golf swing at Over The Top Golf, you're confident and if you get too quick or something breaks down, its easily fixed in time to save a great round of golf. 

Feels good to not have those anxious moments. The Alpha Dog walks tall. It's true that you can't win 'em all since Lady Luck belongs to everyone, but being satisfied afterward and looking forward to tomorrow are rewards of inestimable value.

Feels good to know you've got the three things necessary to be an Alpha Dog; quality, attitude and self-reliance. A simple three piece jigsaw puzzle-but you do need all three pieces. Then it's pretty damn easy.

Let's talk about some of the other dogs out here.

The Hot Dog is a mustard-covered mess. Drinking beers but possessing a decent swing, he's loud and proud on the front nine but mostly in the woods coming in. His interest in a fifteen dollar instructional eBook is approximately zero, however buys a new $450 Nike driver every year but distance still dropping. The Hot Dog loves watching the Alpha Dog swing, admires the consistency and, to his credit, always smiles as he's paying up.

The Mad Dog's routine is to play below his capabilities. You'll know him. He's the one screaming at himself. Try to avoid him because whatever peaceful mental state you were hoping to achieve will become an impossibility. You'll hear lots about how great a golfer he used to be.

The Lap Dog usually presents as an adorable loser but, in many cases, a violent psychopath lurks beneath his bespectacled exterior. There's only so much you can take, right? Probably my best customer, this dog fools around with gadgets (remember the rocking chair tee?) and methods to improve but usually never something as overt as a new driver. He's the secret sorcerer who will one day burst forth from the basement to wow them at the club's member-member. The genuine, non-violent Lap Dog is instantly recognizable. He's spraying, topping, slicing into the drink, etc. all the while smiling and even laughing out loud after hitting embarrassingly bad shots.

The Sled Dog is the hardest worker, out at the range an hour before tee off, beating driver after driver out to the 250 sign. You rarely see them on the practice green though. This breed probably thrives more at a driving range than on the course. Two-footers are adventures for them. Don't be intimidated by the Sled Dog's booming drives. On the green his arms become jelly. After a few three-putts, some violent (and entertaining) snap hooks are sure to follow.

The Corn Dog is from Ohio or Kentucky. Traveling around in his RV with Mrs. Corn Dog, he's the real McCoy, corny as hell. Usually you'll meet up with him at out of the way (read: inexpensive) courses that take the Golf Card. Sometimes the wife rides along. It's on those occasions that the fun portion of your day should begin. Feel free to pass along any "useful relationship advice" to her when he's on the tee box. That can't help but ensure brighter displays of both fireworks and emotion. Regarding Corn Dog's golf game-usually elephant's-ass but he can occasionally surprise you. Do not tell him where you live.

Then there's the pups. The future of the game. Maybe twenty years from now Over The Top Golf will be taught in Junior Golf programs. The manner in which so many boys and girls are introduced to golf is unfortunate. Those who show early talent go on but the kids who struggle just drop out. It's because a "correct" golf swing is too difficult to learn, even more so to kids previously involved with other athletics. We all know that this sport, unlike most others, requires unnatural movements. Learning and then maintaining them in muscle memory takes up lots of time that kids don't have. So it's hasta la vista to most of them. Except for the ones playing frisbee golf. You don't need an inside-out swing path or a perfectly balanced finish position for that sport.

It doesn't take much to bring someone out of the corner. We all learn at different paces and at different times in our lives. Find a teacher who'll work with your strengths or just buy my golf instruction eBook, dog! Then get out here and let's mix it up. Winner gets the prime rib, loser gets the bone.

Today's match will be contested at one of my favorite golf courses, Sam Snead's old Florida home, Meadowood GC. During the handshakes on the first tee, in my mind I know these guys are toast.

Quality, Attitude and Self-Reliance.

The Alpha Dog.

You need just a little bit of it?

Get it here.

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