Friday, October 22, 2010


LAS VEGAS, Nevada - Whenever I receive an e-mail from a golfer who wants to talk about anything under the sun concerning golf and, in particular, my Over The Top Golf swing, a quick reply is guaranteed. By my own admission, OTG is an unusual method. By deconstructing and re-assembling the golf swing, I've sought to produce scratch golfer-type shots despite having the limited golfing skills typical of an amateur. The simpicity and effectiveness of my swing is amazing. So discussing it with people is fun.

Every so often a letter comes across my desk that prompts me to think even further outside the box. I have often wondered why I haven't sold a billion Over The Top Golf DVDs by now. There are the usual answers, for example, many golfers are perfectly satisfied with their current swings, others prefer traditional golf swing methods like lessons and, more often than I'd like to acknowledge, some folks consider me a crackpot.

In addition to the e-mail itself, after I posted it for discussion with others, I was treated to some very interesting comments, some positive, some not so much - one going as far as calling me a "charlatan." Here is the e-mail.

Was looking at your web a 30 year over the top golfer (although I very rarely slice...I pull and sometimes pull-hook my driver), I have tried every "traditional" cure I have come across. Before I spend another $25 for your DVD, am I going to get the same drills and is there a guarantee? Thanks. I'm still desperate but no longer willing to throw good money after bad.....What exactly is your DVD going to teach me?

My reply to the writer was that I could not offer a guarantee. Have you received guarantees from pros with whom you've taken golf lessons? Of course not. One person's opinion was that I should offer a guarantee but what, exactly would I be guaranteeing? A lower handicap? Added distance? Winning next year's member-member? To me, forgetting for a moment how unsound such a business practice would be, a golfer's opinion of how successful lessons were is arbitrary. But I think there's more to this story. A scary kind of more.

The writer, despite categorically stating that he is desperate, still balked at paying a mere twenty-five dollars toward a better golf swing. After going back and forth in e-mails, I advised him that, if financial constraints were an issue that he should seek a less expensive route. Not only did he further state that finances weren't a concern, he never did order my golf DVD. Why not? Because of fear. Not fear of failure but an acute fear of being ripped-off, scammed or otherwise taken advantage of. Sadly, this is the world we live in now.


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