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NEW YORK, New York - It took place in the future, about five years from now. OVER THE TOP GOLF became a highly acclaimed golf swing method that is used by almost every amateur golfer as well as a few pros. The newspaper headlines announced that part of the company was just sold for twenty billion dollars. The figure represents the highest IPO since Facebook went public in 2012. Prior to the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing, almost all golf instruction was anchored by the same difficult-to-master principles. Generations of golfers were taught the same way and, as a result, only a very few golfers excelled. OVER THE TOP GOLF enabled virtually all golfers to hit a golf ball long and straight.

Bud from South Carolina bought my DVD the other day. People sometimes write with questions while considering OVER THE TOP GOLF but Bud waited until afterward to send the following email.

Hi! I just ordered your DVD based on your blog comments. Why arent there any specifics on your program posted on the web? Why are there no testimonials posted other than the abbreviated ones on the blog? Why is everything so hush hush if youre trying to grow the popularity of your company? Please get back to me! - Bud

Hi Bud, Your DVD was mailed today. There are no specifics because the swing is so simple (just five set-up changes), pretty much anything I divulge gives it away. As far as testimonials, I'm not sure what that means. When someone has something to say they usually leave a comment in the remarks section of the blog. Good luck with your new swing. - Frankie C

Thanks for the quick reply Frankie. I was going to try the Stack and Tilt swing when I heard about yours. I'm 71 and played to an 8 handicap 25 yrs ago but it's hard to come back with arthritis and flex problems. I sure hope your deal works so I can "spread the word" for you. Also I really like your web site and blog. Kind regards! - Bud

Did Bud get back down to a single-digit handicap using the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing? Did he spread the word? Is there a Facebook-like mega IPO in my future? Stay tuned.


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