Thursday, October 24, 2013


FORT PIERCE, Florida - What a wonderful little golf lesson in the form of a narrated eBook! The quality of their instruction is top-notch and it's really inexpensive. We were on-line, curious and glad we now can enjoy what we’ve learned from this unexpectedly original eBook. This is a quick and easy gem that serves up swing dynamics before the actual golf lesson. We tried the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing on the driving range and on our 18 holer...both out of this world good results! The lesson was just right and both of our golf games came together like a fiesta on the course! This is our story and it will only get better.

Norman and Marge Ross
Thank you for writing your nice story. I want to hear from some of my other customers. Although I teach this golf swing, it wouldn't be right to refer to you as "students." I'm not a "golf pro" in the literal sense of the word because I also work at a job. When the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing becomes the way most golfers hit a golf ball and all of my income derives from golf, then I'll call you my students. Until then, how about more of my customers letting the rest of us know how your doing?
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