Wednesday, December 9, 2009


BOSTON, Massachussetts - Just like the popular cable show "What Not To Wear" alerts folks to fashion faux pas, there are a torrent of golf swing faux pas that need to be examined as well. At least according to golf instructors. Just as Stacy and Clinton attempt to rescue people from themselves, fashion-wise, I'll do the same thing for you, golf swing-wise.


 It starts from the ground up, your feet and how to position them. How to lift them and put them back down. Where do you distribute your weight, on your heels or the balls of your feet? Should you curl your toes or fan them out like a duck? Clip your nails or let them grow long? $45 Foot Joys or $375 Eccos? What kind of powder, Johnson & Johnson or Gold Bond?

Think that's all? Nope. How about during the backswing-should your left heel come off the ground or not? Is is okay to roll your left foot inward? How about your right foot-let it roll outward a bit or keep the weight inside. A recent and very popular swing method has you placing no weight at all on your right foot. How can that be?

Oh, it be. As well as millions of other absolute horrors you'll encounter while learning to have "a proper golf swing." Your brain can become so cramped in a short amount of time you need prescription drugs to bring you back to earth. Imagine the effects from years of this mental abuse. The weeks directly following a golf lesson should coincide with all weapons being confiscated in case murder or suicide is contemplated by the student. A simply maddening time which, I might add, is usually followed by surrender and a retreat to the old bad swing.

Back to the feet. Should you point your toes outward or straight ahead? I'll just bet there's a pro somewhere who says pigeon-toed is the most effective stance. One would think that moving your feet around during the actual swing can't be a good thing, right? Yet I have seen guys who do it-did they learn this mysterious technique from a golf instructor?

What not to do....the list is as endless as the one detailing things you ARE supposed to do. I think, at least for now, we're done with the feet.

OVER THE TOP GOLF consists of just five set-up changes. Other than that, you will be using your own swing. So, at least as far as the feet are concerned, there's no "what not to do" because what you are already doing is fine.

See you next time when I'll publish another article focusing on a different "what not to do" in your golf swing.


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