Saturday, June 19, 2010


PEBBLE BEACH, Del Monte Forest, California - Putting golf instruction aside for today, let's talk about The 2010 US Open at Pebble Beach. First of all I'd like to mention Jim Herman, a former assistant pro at PGA CC here in St. Lucie County who made the cut at +7. In this tense event, and on this amazingly difficult golf course, being ten shots back with two rounds to play is do-able. You don't have to ask who I'm rooting for.

What a tragic tournament this has been for Morgan Hoffman, the amateur who was cruising in at even par when he drowned two balls and took a nine on the 18th hole. He subsequently missed the cut by just one shot.

Speaking about Pebble being a tough course, imagine if the past two days had been windy at all? "When you have some wind, that's when it's hard to get on these greens, to get the right shot in there, to get the right distance," Tom Watson said "Today, the course is going to play as easy as it's going to play for four rounds. I can guarantee you that."

Easy? These guys are having fits both on the course and on the greens. Their difficulty scoring underlines that. With a bit of wind we might see some graphic train wrecks to go along with the beautiful shots of dolphins swimming in Carmel Bay.

I believe a new word was coined at this year's event when Phil Mickelson, after shooting 66 following a round of 75 responded, "Certainly my mood is better. I'm a lot cheerier."

The final two rounds of The US Open are what I look forward to watching on TV every year. Like my preference for The Belmont Stakes over The Kentucky Derby and The Preakness, this tournament eclipses the other three golf majors because it's the toughest test and the hardest to win. Today and tomorrow there will be no golf for Frankie. I, like thousands of other avid golfers will be glued to the set. History will be made and you can be sure it will be entertaining. For one man, it will be more than all that. He will have earned the prestigious title of United States Open Champion.

for the rest of us

Painting of the 7th hole at Pebble Beach by William Grandison

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