Monday, March 29, 2010


MIAMI, Florida - How many different golf teachers have instructional DVDs on the market? If you guessed "fifty" you'd be short by half because there are more than one hundred folks out there who promise to improve your golf swing. This number includes many YouTube contributors who  filmed themselves in their back yards-just so you'd be able to start shooting in the 70s like they do. Do what you've got to do to learn golf, I always say. If you follow my blog you might have read a comment from Kurt B in Oregon.

"In a short period of time I've been able to take a swing method I've practiced for a couple years, modify it with FC's Over The Top Golf lesson and create my own swinging/hitting method that feels more repeatable than anything I've tried in 20+ years of tinkering with this game. I like it."

Sometimes ideas can come from unlikely places and Kurt's comment is a perfect example. Allow me to explain.

Until now I considered folks like Natural Golf, Oneplane Golf, etc. my competitors. That's because we are essentially appealing to the same customers-golfers who need help with their swings. Notice that Kurt mentions that he's been practicing a "method" for a couple of years. It's obvious that the golf-swing method he's referring to has helped him. However, it's also obvious that there was something missing that prompted Kurt to investigate further. That's how he found Over The Top Golf.

Kurt already had a somewhat solid foundation with whatever golf swing method he'd been practicing but has been able to use the dynamics that result from the 5 set-up changes in OTG to complete the job. What better comment could I hope to hear from a student than "I like it?"

Did you learn your golf swing from a PGA pro? Perhaps you've gone beyond that and learned one of the online golf swing methods. And there is also no shortage of self-taught golfers. About ten percent of you will improve dramatically. That leaves ninety percent who either improved by varying degrees or, possibly, developed chronically bad habits. That's just the way it is. I refer to this percentage in general, of course, but according to teaching professionals, about 90% of their students will never eliminate their over the top move.

ANY GOLFERS OUT THERE LOOKING TO IMPROVE? DON'T CALL ME, CALL NATURAL GOLF! I'll bet they'll be thrilled to know I recommended them and I do wholeheartedly. Same for all the others advertising their golf improvement methods. GO FOR IT!

Has Frankie C gone crazy? Although it would seem so, Kurt B's comment really opened my eyes and I feel that I can now embrace my fellow golf gurus. Leadbetter? Haney? PLEASE go out and learn their golf swing methods. As I said, no matter which way you turn at the crossroads of golf instruction, it's likely you'll lack either the talent or the time and dedication to do someone's idea of a "perfect" golf swing. You'll still be coming over the top. That's when I'd like to meet you.

Thank you, Kurt. For buying my DVD, for acknowledging how useful Over the Top Golf is as the finishing touch to your own swing and for introducing me to my new buddies, Natural Golf, et. al.


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Saturday, March 20, 2010




Feels good to be the stick. Even if your drives aren't the longest, your overall game is in tune. Each time you pull a club your mind tells you there's a good shot coming. Even being down in a match presents no obstacle mentally. You've learned a quality golf swing at Over The Top Golf, you're confident and if you get too quick or something breaks down, its easily fixed in time to save a great round of golf. 

Feels good to not have those anxious moments. The Alpha Dog walks tall. It's true that you can't win 'em all since Lady Luck belongs to everyone, but being satisfied afterward and looking forward to tomorrow are rewards of inestimable value.

Feels good to know you've got the three things necessary to be an Alpha Dog; quality, attitude and self-reliance. A simple three piece jigsaw puzzle-but you do need all three pieces. Then it's pretty damn easy.

Let's talk about some of the other dogs out here.

The Hot Dog is a mustard-covered mess. Drinking beers but possessing a decent swing, he's loud and proud on the front nine but mostly in the woods coming in. His interest in a fifteen dollar instructional eBook is approximately zero, however buys a new $450 Nike driver every year but distance still dropping. The Hot Dog loves watching the Alpha Dog swing, admires the consistency and, to his credit, always smiles as he's paying up.

The Mad Dog's routine is to play below his capabilities. You'll know him. He's the one screaming at himself. Try to avoid him because whatever peaceful mental state you were hoping to achieve will become an impossibility. You'll hear lots about how great a golfer he used to be.

The Lap Dog usually presents as an adorable loser but, in many cases, a violent psychopath lurks beneath his bespectacled exterior. There's only so much you can take, right? Probably my best customer, this dog fools around with gadgets (remember the rocking chair tee?) and methods to improve but usually never something as overt as a new driver. He's the secret sorcerer who will one day burst forth from the basement to wow them at the club's member-member. The genuine, non-violent Lap Dog is instantly recognizable. He's spraying, topping, slicing into the drink, etc. all the while smiling and even laughing out loud after hitting embarrassingly bad shots.

The Sled Dog is the hardest worker, out at the range an hour before tee off, beating driver after driver out to the 250 sign. You rarely see them on the practice green though. This breed probably thrives more at a driving range than on the course. Two-footers are adventures for them. Don't be intimidated by the Sled Dog's booming drives. On the green his arms become jelly. After a few three-putts, some violent (and entertaining) snap hooks are sure to follow.

The Corn Dog is from Ohio or Kentucky. Traveling around in his RV with Mrs. Corn Dog, he's the real McCoy, corny as hell. Usually you'll meet up with him at out of the way (read: inexpensive) courses that take the Golf Card. Sometimes the wife rides along. It's on those occasions that the fun portion of your day should begin. Feel free to pass along any "useful relationship advice" to her when he's on the tee box. That can't help but ensure brighter displays of both fireworks and emotion. Regarding Corn Dog's golf game-usually elephant's-ass but he can occasionally surprise you. Do not tell him where you live.

Then there's the pups. The future of the game. Maybe twenty years from now Over The Top Golf will be taught in Junior Golf programs. The manner in which so many boys and girls are introduced to golf is unfortunate. Those who show early talent go on but the kids who struggle just drop out. It's because a "correct" golf swing is too difficult to learn, even more so to kids previously involved with other athletics. We all know that this sport, unlike most others, requires unnatural movements. Learning and then maintaining them in muscle memory takes up lots of time that kids don't have. So it's hasta la vista to most of them. Except for the ones playing frisbee golf. You don't need an inside-out swing path or a perfectly balanced finish position for that sport.

It doesn't take much to bring someone out of the corner. We all learn at different paces and at different times in our lives. Find a teacher who'll work with your strengths or just buy my golf instruction eBook, dog! Then get out here and let's mix it up. Winner gets the prime rib, loser gets the bone.

Today's match will be contested at one of my favorite golf courses, Sam Snead's old Florida home, Meadowood GC. During the handshakes on the first tee, in my mind I know these guys are toast.

Quality, Attitude and Self-Reliance.

The Alpha Dog.

You need just a little bit of it?

Get it here.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - Ask me if I'm a student of the game. Of all the aspects of the golf swing, of the history of the greats and the tournaments they won. Of all the who, what, where, when and whys of golf.

No, not particularly. What interests me are the hows. How can I get rid of my slice? How will I decide the best time to press against this guy?  How can I get on really nice private courses for free?

But there are students of the game out there. Some of them even try to improve their golf swings. Like most people, you have an over the top golf swing. Nothing like a little golf instruction to get you rolling down the right track. There are literally hundreds of books and web sites by people telling you they can cure, correct, fix or eliminate the damn thing. As for the results of same, see the Hank Haney Experiment featuring Charles Barkley. Charles can only be saved by me and that may be the case with you too. Hell, I saved myself by creating the Over The Top Golf swing. Now the others in my foursome say "nice shot" when my ball's next to the stick, not just near the green. Maybe it's what you need to have the same thing happen to you. How many years will you keep attempting the impossible before giving this method a try? Like I just wrote, maybe what you need is "a little" golf instruction, not a complete overhaul.

How can Over The Top Golf work for everybody? In all probability, it can't. In the one year that I have been selling my golf instruction DVD, there hasn't been one complaint. Not much feedback at all.

I received a nice compliment in the body of a letter written by a fellow from Oregon who hadn't received his DVD. Never having gotten the notice of his order from Paypal, I neglected to ship it.

Hi Frankie C,

It's been a couple of weeks and I thought the DVD might be here by now, just thought I'd check and see if my order had been processed yet or if there was any problem with it. No real rush as the weather hasn't been too favorable, but it's getting better and my curiosity is getting the best of me. I get a kick out of your stories and think I'll enjoy the instruction as well.

I'm hoping to hear from you, Kurt, how your golf swing is more solid, how much longer your tees shots are, how straight you're hitting your approach shots and yes, how you have improved upon what you've learned.
Who, what, where, when and why are all good questions but I'd love for you to write back and say "Here's how." I may have created this method but I'm not above being the student.


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Friday, March 12, 2010


FORT PIERCE, Florida - Played at a beautiful seaside golf course in Florida yesterday. It was an absolutely perfect day, lots of sunshine and an unusual abundance of pars. Everyone in our group had defining moments, it seemed. There was a battle for greenies on every Par 3, one guy after another knocking it closer to the pin. A rollercoaster match with many presses and pressed presses. In the end, it all came down to the junk-greenies, birdies and sandys.
Want to know the best part? My invite came from three members who learned the Over The Top Golf swing from my DVD. Imagine every member of a foursome doing the (almost) exact same golf swing, and an unorthodox one at that. Ah, the fruits of my labors-the REAL fruit. It's not the $25 checks that come in the mail. It's the happiness of owning a solid golf swing that these fellows got from me. Each of them has benefitted from this golf instruction, albeit in different ways.

I never saw their prior incarnations but through their descriptions a picture formed in my mind. Myron, at 70 years old, used to hit a weak slice with his driver. Used the driver on all Par 3s over 165 yards, in fact. His approach shots used to start too far left and wind up too far right. Current statistics, Myron's learned how to play from the middle of the fairway and hits one or two less clubs on his approach shots. Aside from pulling a few wedges, Myron was fairways and greens most of the day and a terror on every one of the par 3s. A career day, according to him.

Bill takes a huge rip at the ball. Before learning the Over The Top Golf swing his drives were long but consistently high and right. He carries no fairway woods or hybrids but  I counted five wedges in his bag. He describes the change as the difference between hoping for a good lie in the rough to hoping his ball doesn't land in a fairway divot. Bill's handicap changed the most, went from a 15 to a 10 this year.

Doug turned out to be the most creative because, not only did he understand the mechanics of the OTG swing, he was well on his way to integrating it with his own strengths. Rather than use the center of his body as a fulcrum he took advantage of his right-hand dominant swing and was using his right hip as his launch point. With his right elbow almost glued to his right side, his shots were the most consistent. Now hitting a dependable draw, before learning this method the usual result of his tee shots was usually a low hook. Doug will be the greatest benefactor of a DVD I plan to make about putting though. So although he's the most giddy about his new swing, an improvement in his handicap is unlikely for the foreseeable future.

Afterward, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the club pro. I was impressed that he was impressed with his members' new swings. Although most pros who've seen the Over The Top Golf swing have been cordial and generally complimentary, they view any non-PGA teaching product with skepticism. Not him though.

I was sad to hear how rarely he actually plays golf any more. As he explained, it's "by design." Being a former touring pro, he displayed disappointment that he couldn't play as well as in the past and essentially hung up his bag. It's sad that when you're no longer satisfied with your game, the thrill is gone. Golf shouldn't be like that.


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Monday, March 8, 2010



SAVANNAH, Georgia - Typically, I'll play from whichever tee box everyone else feels comfortable with. That is, except the tips. At almost 60 years old, not that I was ever able to play well from back there, doing so would produce more comedic moments than any of us could stand.

But I never played from the white tees. That is, until last week. Might as well get this out of the way-I played them twice. And I liked it! The senior tees. The ones just behind the red ones designated for women. The ones that are in front of all the water I used to have to hit over. The ones where on many holes, hitting the big dog is out of the question. I found myself feeling like Camilo Villegas. I was suddenly young and spry with a quickened pace and the vigor and stamina of youth. I found myself choosing clubs instead of thinking "hit everything you got."

So what will the future hold for me as I glide smoothly into my sixties? Will the lure of hitting 7-irons into the par 4s instead of 9-woods begin to call so loudly I won't be able to resist? Will the abundance of 3s and 4s on the card start to intoxicate me? Will I be able to get over my wife's ribbing as we get set to tee off from basically the same place?



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