Sunday, June 23, 2013


Jupiter Hills Club - Tequesta, Florida
TEQUESTA, Florida - Sam “The Kid” Horsfield, 16 year old golfer from Davenport, Florida, wrapped up the 2013 Florida State Amateur Championship at JupiterHills Club by an amazing 11 shots today.  Shooting 4 under par on the hilly, demanding Hills Course, "The Kid" may have established himself as one of those names we’ll be seeing soon on a much larger stage.

Polk County, Florida isn’t a place you’d expect to find a budding young sports star. Located well outside of Orlando, Tampa and other larger towns that offer more and better golf facilities, Davenport is as small town as it gets. There’s more excitement in Davenport, Iowa than in its Florida namesake but sometimes our country’s athletic phenoms come from unlikely places. Bubba Watson, in fact, hails from an even smaller town - Baghdad, Florida.

So how does a 16 year-old boy capture the men’s tournament that every scratch golfer in Florida wants to win more than anything else? Jupiter Hills, even though it is a South Florida (read: flat) golf course, is built on a dune line that runs north and south along Florida’s Atlantic coastline. On this sturdy but undulating spine of sand, you’ll find the Florida East Coast Railroad tracks and not much else. If you are from the Tequesta area and had your choice of any golf course you could play – you’d choose Jupiter Hills. You won’t mind shooting ten or even twenty over your handicap because it’s just that nice out there. Point being, it is a real test of golf.

I just set up a Google Alerts search for Sam Horsfield in my Gmail account and fully expect his name to start appearing there regularly. Winning the Florida State Amateur as a 16 year-old is incredible enough. To accomplish the feat by such a large margin of victory stamps him as even more than that. Maybe soon, more folks than just me will be calling him “The Kid.”

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