Sunday, March 14, 2010


FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida - Ask me if I'm a student of the game. Of all the aspects of the golf swing, of the history of the greats and the tournaments they won. Of all the who, what, where, when and whys of golf.

No, not particularly. What interests me are the hows. How can I get rid of my slice? How will I decide the best time to press against this guy?  How can I get on really nice private courses for free?

But there are students of the game out there. Some of them even try to improve their golf swings. Like most people, you have an over the top golf swing. Nothing like a little golf instruction to get you rolling down the right track. There are literally hundreds of books and web sites by people telling you they can cure, correct, fix or eliminate the damn thing. As for the results of same, see the Hank Haney Experiment featuring Charles Barkley. Charles can only be saved by me and that may be the case with you too. Hell, I saved myself by creating the Over The Top Golf swing. Now the others in my foursome say "nice shot" when my ball's next to the stick, not just near the green. Maybe it's what you need to have the same thing happen to you. How many years will you keep attempting the impossible before giving this method a try? Like I just wrote, maybe what you need is "a little" golf instruction, not a complete overhaul.

How can Over The Top Golf work for everybody? In all probability, it can't. In the one year that I have been selling my golf instruction DVD, there hasn't been one complaint. Not much feedback at all.

I received a nice compliment in the body of a letter written by a fellow from Oregon who hadn't received his DVD. Never having gotten the notice of his order from Paypal, I neglected to ship it.

Hi Frankie C,

It's been a couple of weeks and I thought the DVD might be here by now, just thought I'd check and see if my order had been processed yet or if there was any problem with it. No real rush as the weather hasn't been too favorable, but it's getting better and my curiosity is getting the best of me. I get a kick out of your stories and think I'll enjoy the instruction as well.

I'm hoping to hear from you, Kurt, how your golf swing is more solid, how much longer your tees shots are, how straight you're hitting your approach shots and yes, how you have improved upon what you've learned.
Who, what, where, when and why are all good questions but I'd love for you to write back and say "Here's how." I may have created this method but I'm not above being the student.


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