Monday, November 11, 2013


TUCSON, Arizona - Golf instruction leaves little time for actually getting the opportunity to play a round of golf - ask any golf pro and he'll tell you a similar story. Then there are those for whom the game of golf has lost its appeal but that's another story (as well as a different article.) Recently, however, my golf clubs and I hopped on a plane to Arizona where we got together with friends to play some of Tucson's finest golf courses. Among the many private and resort courses, my favorite by far was La Paloma Golf Resort - hats off to golf course superintendent David Stout - which was simply amazing in all respects. My golf game, for the first few holes, anyway, was far from that, in fact I sucked. Spraying the ball left and right off the tees, it wasn't until late on the front side that I realized that by back swing was getting in the way. When I'm demonstrating my OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing at a driving range, I usually use a mid-iron and a nice, relaxed tempo. Here, with all of that fairway real estate to cover, my driver came out of the bag and Frankie C was swinging for the fences! My golf swing method relies on rotation and forward movement for power. This dynamic also produces accurate golf shots. Unlike conventional golf swings where a long back swing is just one of the things you need to do in order to manufacture power, with OVER THE TO GOLF® and its five set-up changes, such unproductive movements are completely unnecessary. As soon as the light bulb lit up and I realized the error of my ways, my shortened back swing got me back on track and the golf ball back into the fairway.
The rest of my golf vacation went so well I'm thinking about taking up the game again. It's literally been years since I could call myself an avid golfer but playing so well gave me a real boost. So I hope to see many of you on the course and hope that you are playing as well as I am. If not, all you need to do is click on the "Buy the OVER THE TOP® eBook" button on the right side of the page! Happy golfing.

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