Friday, December 17, 2010



BEVERLY HILLS, California - How many different ways can there possibly be to swing a golf club? Yesterday I learned that there's a man who knows every golf technique including the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. His library literally overflows with knowledge of anything and everything to do with swinging a golf club. In addition to the myriad of books and other golf publications, the number of VCR and DVD golf lessons he owns is impressive.

Over the years his handicap remained stagnant at around 12. A lack of distance off the tee severely limited his scoring opportunities. His talent for putting and a decent short game were all that kept him from becoming a bogey golfer or worse.

So on this fine afternoon, after watching the OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD, he went out to his yard as he had done before so many times. But on this occasion, although he didn't know why, he felt empowered, like he could make the golf ball do his bidding. He remembers it being an almost religious experience, similar to seeing a bright light before dying. As he strode confidently out to his home made teeing area to hit some balls, he didn't seem to fully recognize his surroundings, particularly what lay ahead of him. He surely knew that the twin pine trees down the right side of the field were still 150 yards away but they seemed a lot closer - and not quite as tall as before. Then there was the rocky creek that bisected the pasture. Why did it all of a sudden seem so much closer?

Ever since he became determined to learn to play good golf it's been one thing after another. Lessons with PGA pros, golf schools, instructional video, etc. Like a lot of us, he felt as if he was being pulled in different directions. There were so many conflicting accounts of which golf swing was best, which one would fix a slice, which one will cure a hook....

Today was different, he thought, because of the guy on the OVER THE TOP GOLF instruction DVD who told him all he needed was to keep his own comfortable swing, add five set up changes, and he'd start hitting consistently straight golf shots that flew lower and rolled farther.

The letter went on to describe how quickly the good shots started happening. He was having so much fun that his wife and kids had to drag him back to the house sometime just before midnight. He was tired but delirious. As they pulled off his golf shoes he went on about how all of his range balls were in the middle of the field. And as he closed his eyes that night, he realized that all of his prayers had finally been answered. Since he couldn't learn to correct his over the top swing, he went ahead and learned how to do it right.


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