Saturday, January 1, 2011



My divots go left
But the ball goes straight
I named it Over the Top Golf
And it's great, great, great!

This whimsical poem was penned by yours truly as a tagline in my Twitter account. Not the usual stoic golf instruction stuff you generally read, it's true. Being on Twitter, though, makes me feel just a little bit nutty. Where is it written that in order to learn golf you can't have some fun along the way?

An outside-in golf swing is what sends those slabs of grass out to the left and, as many folks have heard, that's an over the top golf swing. The result of this geophysical combination is usually a slice which imparts a left to right spin on the ball. It's a great shot to know when you need to go around something like a tree. For most other golf-related applications, however, it's basically useless.

I'm apparently the first human to recognize the value and usefulness of  the bad habits most golfers possess. If you feel comfortable swinging the club around in a loop, consider that Ground Zero. It's now a positive because it's one of the things you do best. If you feel comfortable using an unconventional golf grip chalk it up as another plus. Like to use a wide stance? Why not? If it's comfortable it means it works for you. All you need now is the glue that bonds the whole package together and transforms it into an efficient golf swing - the five set-up changes from Over the Top Golf which you'll find in my golf instruction eBook.

I created the Over the Top Golf swing for the 90% of amateurs who have an outside-in swing and always will. My surprise was that the five set-up changes work wonders for everyone, not just slicers. In order to attain the "correct" inside-out swing path and employ it consistently you'll need two primary ingredients - periodic lessons and plenty of practice time at the range. If this describes you I think you'll succeed. Most of us don't have these ingredients. Oh yeah, let's not forget that golf lessons will cost the average economically-strapped man or woman a minimum of a thousand dollars over a couple of years – more if you have to drive any distance for your golf instruction.

Here's a revealing comment from a golf pro:

I teach golf. Hate to admit it but getting rid of an over the top swing is pretty impossible for 90% of amateurs. I have my methods but, like I wrote, only 10% of my students have the time and dedication to hone it. Pretty much any teaching pro will say the same thing. I also would like to warn anyone planning to buy one of the thousand "fix your over the top swing" videos that, unless you are a very dedicated practicer, whatever cure you learn will dissappear, along with half of your golf season.

Last year is over and, for most of you, many golf-less months lie ahead. Instead of dreaming of how you'll start crushing drives in April, why not insure that you'll actually be able to do it?

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