Saturday, December 4, 2010


FORT PIERCE, Florida - December 4th marks the first birthday of The Over The Top Golf Blog, my vehicle for delivering news, anecdotes, interesting stories and other information to you. Even though my primary objective is providing golf swing instruction, much of the content appearing here is of a whimsical nature. Realizing that people are basically creatures of habit, the fact that I haven't sold a million DVDs during the past year isn't a big surprise. Like a preacher delivering his sermon, I hope that you will benefit from this terrific golf swing method called Over The Top Golf. Yes, I also pass a collection plate because we all need to thrive. My greatest satisfaction, however, is your redemption.

In order to convert golfers from restrictive conventional-type swings to the more freewheeling Over The Top Golf swing, I need willing participants. Unlike the preacher, however, who admonishes us for our bad habits, I encourage you to celebrate them!

If you have had a faulty grip for the last twenty years, it's obvious that's what's most comfortable. Not to sound completely ridiculous, but you are the absolute best in the world at that uniquely bad grip. It is your individual strong point.

Golfers who have an outside-in golf swing or "over the top" also possess an effective weapon that, by virtue of your being able to do it so well, is another one of those strong points. My golf swing was, and still is chock full of "what-not-to-do's" so coming up with a swing that actually exploits and takes advantage of the raw power of a big, old over the top swing was imperative.

During 2011 I will continue to focus on the two things I do best, hitting great golf shots using the Over The Top Golf swing and writing articles about it. I won't sell a million golf instruction DVDs next year either so why do I continue to be so passionate about it? There's a difference between becoming a good golfer through learning and achieving similar results because of something I created myself. I am proud of this swing, entertained when people comment after seeing it in person and, most of all,  love having a golf swing I don't have to practice.
Please click on any of the titles from 2010 to read the articles. Along with my sales pitch, you'll find entertaining and informative stuff in all of them. Hope to see some of my students on the golf course or at the range. Don't worry, if you are swinging a golf club, I'll know who you are.


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