Wednesday, March 7, 2012


DORAL, Florida - "The art of golf instruction is the ability of the student and golf pro understanding the details and applying their knowledge to the golfer based on those details and how they relate to his or her needs and conditions. I have quickly decided that Over The Top Golf is for me simply because nothing else has worked for my golf swing. I will go over my decision process with my golf pro at our next golf lesson and I am 99.9% certain that he will agree with my decision." This student's comment indicates his desire to become a better golfer. Can you transform your swing into something powerful?

How often do golfers think about game improvement? The ratio of golf lesson-takers to status quo players is quite small - probably one out of a hundred have more than a casual interest in becoming better golfers.

Another comment addresses how stagnant golf instruction has become.

"Great Idea, OVER THE TOP GOLF! Frankly, I believe it was about time somebody began doing something about the insane golf lessons we so often witness nowadays.

To all those golf pros using labels such as “pronation,” I got news for you: This (Over The Top Golf ) is a better golf swing. You have the right to try teaching what people simply cannot do but its nonsense. Personally, I’m sick and tired of all the technical mumbo-jumbo about the golf swing we’ve become accustomed to, especially recently.

You don’t like new approaches? Guess what? Neither did I until I went half crazy trying to learn from golf pros! But how and why do you presume the Over The Top Golf swing isn’t a valid teaching method? This has gotten almost as crazy (if not worse) as the “Natural Golf doesn’t work” syndrome of yesteryear.

I’d be happy to work for OVER THE TOP GOLF as an instructor. Seriously. I believe we can help turn the amateur golfing experience into a fruitful and enjoyable activity, to the benefit of golfers of all abilities."

These descriptive examples of golf students speaking up provides evidence that current golf instruction methods may need an infusion of new blood. Golf pros have long demonized over the top golf swings in their lessons. The OVER THE TOP GOLF swing shows how the outside-in swing path can actually provide as sound a foundation as inside-out. Anyone can become a better golfer if he or she stays away from attempting the impossible - or even the implausible. The average amateur golfer can watch a Tom Watson golf instruction DVD, for example, over and over yet never even remotely duplicate what Tom does. Yes, you can transform your golf swing if you use some common sense. You'll never be Watson, or The Hulk, for that matter. But you can become a better golfer by finding a common sense approach. Enough said.

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