Friday, February 25, 2011


MIAMI, Florida - 2011 has brought the most fabulous run of winter weather South Florida has seen in years. While every day finds the temps hovering around eighty, at night the low 60s are heavenly. The always dependable offshore winds keep us cool while we play golf, go fishing or tourist around with the wife and kids. Day or night - South Florida in the winter is as good as it gets.

Despite all the attractions, restaurants, sporting events and the great weather that allows us to explore it all, occasionally we have to go home. And so it was a few evenings back that I sat down, cracked open a Bud and started channel flipping. Lo and behold, before going too far, I happened upon the old golf teacher, Hank Haney. Hank was giving golf instruction to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. As a rule, I avoid loud, hyper-critical, argumentative programs so I'm not too familiar with Rush. I assumed he had a horrible golf affliction similar to Charles Barkley and Ray Romano who preceeded him on the show or why would he be there? These hopeless golfers seem to flock to Haney as if he could heal like the waters of the grotto at Lourdes.

Now there's only so much fantasy I can absorb at one sitting. Watching Haney put Rush through all the same tired drills that didn't work for the first two guys started wearing thin real quick. But somehow before I could move on, with my right thumb hovering just nano-meters from the channel button, Rush Limbaugh said something profound. And his words were echoes of every one of us who ever took a golf lesson....

"You need an MIT degree to remember all the stuff he's teaching me."

I have no idea if Rush was there trying to correct a slice or cure a hook but my money says that his problems still exist. Has Ray Romano broken 80? I haven't heard about it. Is Charles Barkley's golf swing still the ugliest thing on Earth? You betcha. So why would this chubby republican think his fate will be any different?

OVER THE TOP GOLF student Matt Luciano wrote "It must be obvious to all golfers that a lesson from a golf professional like David Leadbetter is only as good as how often the student is prepared to go back for refresher courses. And be willing to practice.....lots of practice."

Haney, Leadbetter or any assistant pro at any golf course or driving range, take your pick. If you have one of them as a roommate then I recommend letting them teach you. If not, especially if a rigorous practice routine isn't your cup of tea, you are destined to fail. One constant about golf teachers is that they teach things that most of us cannot possibly do. Charles knows it. Raymond knows it. I'm guessing by now that Rush knows it too.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


ST. LUCIE COUNTY, Florida - Two guys talking about the golf swing and golf instruction in particular. It's sad to realize how many amateur golfers keep paying to ride the golf lesson merry-go-round but the industry is booming. Right here in town we have Keiser College and PGA Village, both crammed with students desiring employment in the golf industry, many wanting to become teachers.

Here's what a couple of fellows from the Golf Channel discussion group had to say recently.

"I've always believed that golf instructors are a dime a dozen. Every course has at least 2 or 3 instructors, PGA/non-PGA, makes no difference to me. What matters to me is that very few know what they're doing, and the average Joe golfer has no way of knowing this. Many of these instructors are learning from the same books as their students, but keep a chapter ahead-Cost per lesson $75.00/half hour The problem here is that there's a zillion books proclaiming they have the secret formula for the perfect swing-Cost per book $24.95 avg. and average Joe golfer has bought 10 or 15-Investment to self improvement golf $350.00+tax. Many instructors are elated hearing their new students have read these books, it equates to at least 1 or hopefully 2 series of lessons-Cost $400.00-$750.00. The instructor has vacation plans to make. Average Joe golfer will see 4 or 5 instructors and will understand about 10% of what they're babbling about(doesn't match up with the current book he's reading) and will play 2 rounds better than he did before the lessons, then go blank shortly there after. Average Joe golfer will spend an average of $4,000.00 for instruction and find himself right back where he started."

"Exactly! Your $4000 just about right. For two years, I spent about $1500 on golf lessons to confuse my mind. Then another $2500 on golf instruction books to get rid of that confusion! lol I am OK now and back as you said to where I started 8 years ago when I was only thinking about hitting the ball!"

There's literally nowhere you'll find a golf instructor, golf DVD or other golf swing method that will work with your individual strengths. It's not about correcting your grip as much as getting a grip on your game. Your outside-in swing should be producing longer, straighter shots. A few posts back I wrote about "golf swing optimization" and how OVER THE TOP GOLF builds on your foundation. Other types of golf instruction force you to start over from the ground up and as the two fellows mentioned, each time means "more" as in more money, more time you could have spent with the kids and, inevitably,  more confusion about what the hell you're supposed to do now?


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Saturday, February 5, 2011



PHOENIX, Arizona - Winter 2011 has been interesting, to say the least. The photos and video showing the mass of abandoned, snow-covered cars on Lakeshore Drive brought back chilly memories of days gone by. I tried but still can't recall any good memories of playing golf in winter. Even the most ardent of golfers can't play in snow. Probably not too many taking golf lessons either. In South Florida, where I now live, winter has stretched it's icy fingers to cause more than a few cancelled tee times. PGA Tour golfers teeing it up in this week's Phoenix Open woke to early morning temps in the twenties. Maybe the Packers and Steelers fans who traveled to Dallas for tomorrow's Super Bowl are right at home in the snow but I'm certain no one else in Texas shares that feeling. More than once I've heard the term "Storm of Historic Proportions" on The Weather Channel. The scariest part is that it's only the beginning of February.

I received an email that I'd like to share. It was written by a woman who read this blog.

I am all about "over the top"!  If you would see my swing you would understand ... I spend several weeks every spring trying to reduce the loop, but invariably it's back by August ... I'm blaming it all on Pittsburgh ... I grew up in lowa, where it's relatively flat and the wind is always blowing, and I naturally gravitated to hitting a low draw/hook, and that served me pretty well ... then I moved to Pittsburgh after college ... Pittsburgh is very hilly and not as windy, and my low right-to-left shots kept rolling into the rough, no matter how I aimed them ... so I spent 3 years teaching myself to hit a fade instead, and that helped my game a lot ... unfortunately, it would seem that I taught myself incorrectly, and I created the fade by introducing a loop at the top of my swing ... years later, and living in different sates (back to IA, then SC, and now MO) and my swing still has the loop ... and now I hear about someone (OVER THE TOP GOLF) who has created a golf swing method that (based on the name, at least) is perfect for my swing ... it's fate, I tell you ... FATE!

I love receiving emails from enthusiastic people. In case you are wondering whether the OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD turned out to be the answer to the woman's prayers, the answer is "NO" because she never ordered it. Maybe now that it is available, she will buy the OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook. Or not.

So much for fate.


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