Monday, March 8, 2010



SAVANNAH, Georgia - Typically, I'll play from whichever tee box everyone else feels comfortable with. That is, except the tips. At almost 60 years old, not that I was ever able to play well from back there, doing so would produce more comedic moments than any of us could stand.

But I never played from the white tees. That is, until last week. Might as well get this out of the way-I played them twice. And I liked it! The senior tees. The ones just behind the red ones designated for women. The ones that are in front of all the water I used to have to hit over. The ones where on many holes, hitting the big dog is out of the question. I found myself feeling like Camilo Villegas. I was suddenly young and spry with a quickened pace and the vigor and stamina of youth. I found myself choosing clubs instead of thinking "hit everything you got."

So what will the future hold for me as I glide smoothly into my sixties? Will the lure of hitting 7-irons into the par 4s instead of 9-woods begin to call so loudly I won't be able to resist? Will the abundance of 3s and 4s on the card start to intoxicate me? Will I be able to get over my wife's ribbing as we get set to tee off from basically the same place?



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