Friday, March 11, 2011


TAMPA, Florida - A big dummy of a golf writer (yours truly) once wrote "mechanics are for cars."  I wanted to illustrate how difficult it is to swing a golf club, make crisp contact with the golf ball and make it go where you want with a hundred swing thoughts crowding your mind. I concede that it was a glib statement.

Admittedly, golf swing mechanics are important but you'll notice that I didn't write "good golf swing mechanics are important." When an amateur golfer relies more on the technical aspects of his swing, his mind can become a cluttered mess. A repeatable golf swing that produces consistent results is far preferable, especially as a foundation for the building blocks to follow. Should you wish to introduce things like a new grip or a fuller shoulder turn, doing it in stages works best. Common sense tells us to focus on what is possible. Trying to do too much, such as we commonly do after golf lessons, is both confusing and counterproductive. For some, it is worse....

Mechanics are a part of all sports endeavors whether it be pitching, race riding or shooting free throws. Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Andy Sonnanstine appeared to "right himself" in a spring training win over the Boston Red Sox. Andy was quoted as saying "The key was not thinking about mechanics but instead competing and attacking hitters." Here is a professional baseball player telling us that he abandoned all technical thought in order to gain the freedom he needed to start optimizing his natural talent. Not that Sonnanstine is typical of all pro athletes but if highly-paid sports stars have difficulty memorizing and implementing mechanics, what chance does an amateur have?

Optimizing your current golf swing makes a lot more sense than starting from scratch, especially for those over 30 who have been playing. Unless you feel that you have unlimited potential + lots of time and money for lessons and practice, working with what you've got will provide the bigger improvement while allowing you to enjoy golfing. Anyone who says that golf after lessons is fun is being less than honest. It's a grind. Frankly, total confusion post-lessons is a big reason why many people walk away from the game.

OVER THE TOP GOLF basically changes nothing about your golf swing although your new OTG swing will look noticeably different. While that statement seemingly makes no sense, my method simply provides you with five set-up changes that will magically turn your limp slice or destructive hook into straighter, longer and more dependable shots.

Who knows? You may never think about golf swing mechanics again.


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