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FORT PIERCE, Florida - Spring has sprung here at OTG because I am spending more and more time in the shipping department. Every time someone orders my golf swing instruction DVD I feel their hope and optimism which is such an added incentive to try to improve my product. And I guess that one of the best ways to do that is by talking about Over The Top Golf in practical terms so that when you receive the instruction you'll learn almost effortlessly. After your round of golf feel free to let me know how it's going.

Many of my older blog posts deal with issues golfers face. From junior golf to lessons from pros to the confidence factor, talking about golf and swings, in particular, my wonderful method which involves just five set-up changes, I try to address things we all experience.

Receiving correspondence is rewarding. Mostly, I'll have to admit, because your comments have been positive. Many of them are also helpful. Although I feel like I have brought a wonderful new golf swing to the sport, people's remarks always remind me how I still have more to learn.

Richard to Over The Top Golf: Looking forward to enjoying my 2 or 3 rounds a month without much time to practice in between. Have tried many, many different approaches. Some have been helpful for a little while, then they blow up. I don't want to have to worry about meltdowns anymore. Just be able to be consistent and respectable with friends and family whom I play with who are consistent and respectable.

When I got this email it dawned on me how many golfers arrive at the course in fear. It's not just golfers who want to improve who are trying Over The Top Golf, I thought. Some of us are uncomfortable with our game and need basic stability. Playing erratically is often embarrassing. Richard used words like "respectable" which paints a portrait of where he wants to go with his golf swing. He also used the term "meltdowns" which describes where he's been. And he's had golf lessons.

If I can help Richard turn his nervousness into confidence just by giving him five set-up changes the world will be a better place-especially for Richard. Going in, he knows I promised that he can still use his own swing. And even though it doesn't work properly, it is essentially what he does best. I don't care if you have a baseball grip, a baseball swing and are trying to smash a home run every time. Keep the horrendous swing, incorporate the five set-up changes and all your homers will be to center field. In golf, that means the middle of the fairway.

Playing decent golf should be easy but it's not. Richard is obviously no beginner yet he's struggling just to maintain respectability out there. Enter Over The Top Golf. A new, dependable golf swing should get him on the right track. Next stop, confidence. After that, perhaps some more stations farther down the line.

Waking up on a golf day with an "I can't wait to get to the course" feeling is priceless. Is it time for you to get on board?


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