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FORT PIERCE, Florida - The great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing has given new life to golfers all over the world. I'm constantly fascinated by some of the places where my golf instruction eBook has traveled such as The Falkland Islands. Do they even have a golf course there? And as my eBook is narrated in English, why have I sold so many of them to golfers in China, Germany and Spain? From what I have been told by people who speak foreign languages, a Google translation of one of my articles produces barely understandable reading. My guess is that the most important things about OVER THE TOP GOLF - that it is both effective and simple enough for anyone to grasp in ten minutes - are still recognizable despite the language barriers. When I refer to OVER THE TOP GOLF  as #"golf swing optimization" it's my intention to make people aware that they have legitimately strong foundations that can be built upon. Is OVER THE TOP GOLF the best golf swing you can learn? Many people agree with me that it is. Is it a golf swing that you should learn? Although I hope you'll give it a try, a simple golf swing certainly may not be for everyone. Some folks prefer to do things the hard way.
For one thing, the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing looks different. Amateur golfers want to project that fluid and balanced PGA player-style swing. Take poor Michael Phelps as an example. If you saw him swinging a golf club from afar you'd swear that he was a scratch golfer. Everything about his golf swing looks great except for the fact that he can't hit the ball worth a damn. Conventional golf lessons mostly give you the illusion of looking good rather than actually performing well.
Another obstacle is how ingrained certain things have become in the minds of golfers. An inside-out swing path is a perfect example. It is drilled into us that we'll never be successful golfers unless we learn to do this most impossible of things. Ask your local golf pro for an honest answer to the question, "what percentage of your students have both learned and retained the ability to employ an inside-out swing path?" If he or she is honest, you'll be surprised to learn that 90% of them couldn't achieve it. Yet it remains one of the holy grails of golf - a colossal waste of time and money that results in golfing misery.
Don't forget that some of golf's most talented players - Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Jim Furyk to name a few - achieved greatness despite possessing unusual golf swings. Want your golf swing to mimic Slammin' Sammy Snead's or perhaps Tiger Woods'? A PGA pro can show you how to look that good. Just don't expect to play that good because there's a 90% chance that you won't.

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LAKE TAHOE, Nevada - Coming into the 2013 American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament, the longest odds to win the tournament at Tahoe's Crystal Bay Sports Book were 500-1 on perennial stinker and former Hank Haney pupil, Charles Barkley. No thanks. Well, Charles wisely suffered a muscle pull while lifting weights and had to withdraw but there was still no shortage of comic relief out on the fairways and greens of Edgewood Country Club. If this was a competition of who could butcher the golf course and cause the spirits of Snead, Hogan and Old Tom Morris to shake their heads in disbelief, there would still be contenders galore. The tournament was won by former NFL quarterback Billy Joe Tolliver by the way but that just seems to detract from the real news. Another high-profile student of the aforementioned Mr. Haney would also be in the field of 85 - the great Olympian, Michael Phelps! It's no shame to be bad at golf and no one personified that sentiment better than comedian Larry "The Cable Guy" who was a newcomer to the tournament. This would also be the first appearance at this venue for #Michael Phelps. Mr. Haney had to be on the edge of his Bark-O-Lounger as Phelps and another of his pupils, comedian Ray Romano competed in the tournament. I have a mental picture of Hank celebrating the news of Charles' weight-lifting injury but I'm sure that wasn't the case.

Moving forward, the pitched battle was tooth-and-nail as each golfer strove to out-mediocre the other. Tempers flared and numerous attempts at self-deprecation were seen during the playing of literally every hole for three interminably embarrassing days. Guys like Romano, Larry "The Cable Guy" and former SNL member Kevin Nealon had the comedic knack for playing off their bad performances. Michael Phelps, unfortunately didn't have that to fall back on. It was a disaster. A debacle...Even during the Hank Haney Show, Phelps wore his disappointment on the sleeve of his CutterBucks much more than the "disciples" who preceded him. There are worse things one can experience in life than playing horrendous golf in front of big crowds for three straight days but I'll lay odds that Michael Phelps would disagree with that right about now.

The title of the article already announced that Michael did, indeed beat Larry "The Cable Guy" for the dubious but still (weirdly) important honor of not ending up in last place. Romano fared a little better, hacking his way into a tie for 62nd place. Finishing 84th in a field of 85 isn't quite up to winning six gold medals but Phelps will take it. As for Larry "The Cable Guy," if someone proposed a wager that he also (secretly) took lessons from Hank Haney, I'd bet on that!

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