Thursday, November 24, 2011



PORT ST. LUCIE, Florida - Thanksgiving in South Florida….there’s nothing quite like it. Golf season is just beginning, dependable east winds cool us off on still-warm days and, on top of that, turkeys taste just as good here as they do in chilly New England. OK, I’ll grant you there’s no sitting around the hearth here in South Florida. Instead, we sit on beaches, enjoy freshly-caught seafood and ride around golf courses like kings and queens. OVER THE TOP GOLF is a golf swing instruction method designed to optimize your own game, from driving the ball to knocking it stiff with your wedges. Even though taking lessons or other golf instruction, OVER THE TOP GOLF included, can be a scary thought, doing it now, when everyone else is, well, sitting around the hearth, makes sense.

Most people reading my articles have a tendency to think that OVER THE TOP GOLF is a way to hit longer and straighter golf shots with an outside-in, or, over the top, golf swing. While this is very true, I’d like readers to know that this golf swing optimization method has also improved the performance of golfers who do swing “on plane.” For those who aren’t familiar with the term, it means to propel the clubhead through the ball on an inside-out swing path. Unfortunately, though, you can only swing on plane through employing mechanics that the vast majority of golfers cannot do. Golf pros will continue trying to teach this way but most of the time, as any honest pro will tell you, their students receive failing grades.

So enjoying great South Florida golf weather and being able to provide results-oriented golf instruction to people is what I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving. If you think you enjoyed golf before, just wait until you optimize your swing with the OVER THE TOP GOLF method. If hope was gone a long time ago, now there's a solution. Not a lesson – this instruction adds the missing piece to the puzzle that is your golf swing. It enables you to maximize your natural potential, not force new swing paths and other uncomfortable and impossible-to-learn techniques on you. I give thanks to everybody who gave me the opportunity to help them hit those long, straight golf shots. And it is my fondest wish on this Thanksgiving that many of you reading this will soon be thanking me - for your great new golf swing!



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