Thursday, February 14, 2013


Golf Lessons with Hank Haney? What the Hell was I Thinking? 

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida -  Hank Haney, golf teacher extraordinaire`,  reminds me of a "Weeble" which, as many people know, wobbles and wobbles but won't fall down. He apparently won't go away either. The Hankster gets another crack at golf immortality with his new golf instruction show on The Golf Channel, "Hank Fails Again - The Michael Phelps Debacle." As golf enthusiasts already know, Haney has famously bombed trying to improve the golf swings of Charles (Golf's Poster Boy for Not Taking Up the Game) Barkley, Ray (Still Can't Break 80) Romano and Rush (Mysteriously Quiet All of a Sudden) Limbaugh. In all probability, Haney's golf lessons left those gentlemen more confused than they were in the first place. I have written a few articles featuring The Hankster but my criticisms could apply to The Butch Harmons and David Leadbetters of the golfing world as well. Golf instruction geared toward professional and very low handicap golfers just isn't a good fit for the rest of us. That's why I had to create the great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. I wasn't dissimilar to Barkley, Romano or Limbaugh. I needed common sense golf instruction. The only difference between us now is that I'm good and those guys still suck.
Q: Would my OVER THE TOP GOLF golf swing method allow Michael Phelps to knock the snot out of a golf ball?  Could my golf swing method result in Phelps' overall game improvement? Should Michael Phelps be doing that big goofy smile of his after every golf swing instead of looking as bewildered as the three gentlemen who preceeded him did?
A: Yes to all of those woulda, coulda, shoulda questions.
Q: After his complete disillusion with the game of golf and personal embarrassment is complete, will Michael Phelps - like Barkley and the others - spend a mere $15 for my OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook and actually become a proficient golfer?
A: Sadly, the answer is no. As to why? I have no answer to that one.

For Barkley, Romano, Limbaugh and, soon, Phelps, their fruitless quests for golf improvement are mercifully over - even though their humiliating experiences will live on through Golf Channel reruns. Hank Haney, on the other hand, like The Weeble, will remain upright. Waiting for the next masochistic celebrity golfer who will surely wander down the same path as the others.

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Updated 06-14-2013