Thursday, November 28, 2013


FORT PIERCE, Florida - Playing 18 holes of golf usually requires that you tee off with a driver on a majority of them. While ball placement is important, the primary objective of the tee shot is usually distance so hitting a draw shot, with it's the right-to-left spin on the ball, is the preferred ball flight. A fade, with it's left-to right spin usually just sits right where it lands. While for most professional golfers the fade is the way to go because of it's accuracy, amateurs simply do not possess either the proper mechanics or strength to knock a fade out there far enough to be in position for an approach shot with a mid-to-short iron. Then there's the straight golf shot...the one that comes off the club face like it was fired from a rifle.
I often play golf with folks who wish that they could match my ability to hit a straight golf shot. The OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing has enabled me to do just that - and on a consistent basis. But sometimes, when I'm attempting to hit a low running draw shot, the ball goes dead straight and the rest of my foursome will hear me bitching an moaning. " How can you complain about hitting a straight golf shot?" is something I often hear. Well, I admit that straight is good but it's just not satisfactory when my intention is to put a spin on the ball, and that goes for a fade as well! There are times that I'm looking to steer clear of water or OB so I'll try to hit a nice, safe fade off the mat with a fairway wood. Well, my golf swing method lends itself so much toward making the golf ball go straight that I'm sometimes heard lamenting the fact that I "can't even hit an effing fade anymore."
I created the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing in 2007 and over the ensuing years I've become so comfortable with it that I can pretty much make the golf ball go wherever I want it to. But not always. Some days, despite my best efforts to avoid it, the darn golf ball just wants to go straight. I guess that there are worse things that could happen on a golf course.
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