Friday, April 9, 2010


WEST PALM BACH, Florida - Watched a guy getting a golf lesson at the driving range. It was afternoon and he was facing the setting sun. I thought to myself, how can this golf instruction work when neither of them can see the ball after it leaves the club face? Except for the worm-burners and low flares to the right. Those were pretty much all the feedback they had to go on.

The scene reminded me of the Hank Haney and Ray Romano show. The golf pro maintaining his patience while the hapless student tried in vain to reroute the club for an inside-out swing path. Every now and then the pro would say encouraging things to prop up his ego a little but you could see it wasn't happening.

After the lesson I watched the pro hit some balls. What a beautiful swing the guy had-fluid, great tempo and mechanically sound. Of course, my curiosity got the best of me so I asked if he would reveal the percentage of his students that developed golf swings similar to his over the years. He was quick to answer the question. "Not one", he replied.

How could this be? The golf pro went on to say that, while many of his students had developed good swings, he'd never had one that he could describe as "fully learned." So I refined my question and asked what percentage of his students were able to cure their over the top swings. Again, his answer was both surprising and revealing. "Of every hundred students who came in swinging over the top, ninety-nine of them still swing that way."

I would have loved to invite his student back to the teeing area, provided him with a five-minute Over The Top Golf lesson, then sat back with the pro to watch the student hit straight ball after straight ball into the sunset. I would have loved to write about it too. The student, of course, would have loved it most of all but the pro, I'm afraid, would not have been so appreciative.

more than just a lesson

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