Sunday, April 3, 2011


Dear Frankie,

Now that both my wife, Ann (17 Handicap) and myself (8 Handicap) have gained confidence and gotten comfortable with the Over the Top Golf swing, I thought I would take the time to provide some feedback about your golf swing method plus a question about what tee to play from. First, both of us are now using your method. We consider it the best golf swing for seniors because longer tee shots matter. In terms of distance, as the golf ball experiences a great deal of roll after landing, my tee shots are longer by up to 40 yards while Ann's increased distance is even more. Suffice it to say we are both excited.

Which brings me to a second opinion - that your golf swing method is too good. Yes, that's right, we are both struggling with club selection because, unlike before where our usual approach shots were chronically short, we're hitting our approach shots (usually with mid irons or a hybrid) over greens and often power-hooking our wedges high but to the left of the target. It is as if we have a new-found strength but now have to find a way to harness it. Have you or do you experience this?

Last subject which concerns me only - which tee to play from? I'm 65 but usually find myself paired with younger members who play late in the afternoon. While they hit from either the men's or the championship tees, I play from the whites. This has been an agreeable arrangement until now because currently, on almost every long hole, I am the last one to hit from the fairway. Since I putt pretty well, I have been cleaning up as of late. My handicap improved to where I'm not getting strokes any more but the young guys want me to play from the men's tees now - if we're playing golf for money, that is.

While the issue of what tee box I'll be playing from is currently unresolved, what has been decided is that your Over the Top Golf Swing is the best golf instruction method we have seen for seniors. Your golf swing method has given us extra yards; in particular, longer tee shots, and a great deal more confidence.

Thanks again,

Terry from Phoenix, AZ


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