Saturday, March 22, 2014



FORT PIERCE, Florida - The OVER THE TOP GOLF® instructional eBook will be given away absolutely free to anyone who orders it during April 2014. The reason for this is twofold, one, because introducing this wonderful new golf swing method to golfers everywhere helps it to become even more well-known and, two, I want to obtain your feedback on how your golf swing has either improved or maybe, not improved as a result. This month, hopefully, will become a great learning experience for both of us.

The OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing method consists of just five set-up changes that, when added to your existing swing, will enable you to hit a golf ball longer and straighter than before. Whether or not you have that all-too-familiar outside-in, or "over the top" golf swing path, this method is going to surprise you. Not only because it's so simple that you'll wonder why nobody ever thought of it before now, but also because you'll see the golf ball coming off your club face like a bullet. You won't achieve results like this anywhere else - not with Butch Harmon, not with David Leadbetter, not with Hank Haney nor with any other golf pro charging hundreds of dollars for their lessons. The OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing is so easy to learn that you'll see an incredible improvement in days, not weeks or months.

There must be a catch because nothing is free in this world, right? That, my friend, is correct and here it is. Whomever purchases the OVER THE TOP GOLF® instructional eBook for the regular price of fifteen dollars has only to send me an email describing your experience - whether good or not so good - learning and using my golf swing method, and I will refund the purchase price in full. A one-hundred word description will suffice but, please, don't give away the five set-up changes in your article. I plan to publish both positive and negative reviews so if you wish to remain anonymous, just indicate it in your email.

Since 2009, when I published the first article about the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing method, I sold hundreds of instructional DVDs before switching the the instructional eBook that I currently offer. After selling hundreds of these as well, there has been exactly one person in all that time who expressed dissatisfaction with my product! I had funny a feeling about that guy when he emailed me one day after making his payment asking where his DVD was. While I hope that all of your reviews will be positive, there may be those who have trouble adapting to the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing. Hearing from you - in fact, relaying your experiences to everyone else can only help to shed light on the one thing that all of us hope to achieve when we tee it up. To be the last one in our foursomes to hit our second shots.

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