Tuesday, February 18, 2014


FORT PIERCE, Florida - Playing golf on the Senior Tour, Champions Tour or whatever they're calling it these days, are good golfers as well as consistently mediocre "I'm just a shell of my former self" types of golfers. Not that I give a rat's ass about Nick Price, Fuzzy Zoeller or Peter Jacobsen on a personal level but I am curious about why I never hear from guys like that. I mean, Price shot 80 on a course in Naples that was mastered by the likes of Kirk Triplett (67-66-66) and Olin Browne who was one shot out of the jackpot - golfers who, back in the day, couldn't - excuse the expression - carry Price's jock. And it's not just those three unfortunate examples. The once-great Tom Watson finished tied with Price at nine over par which barely avoided last place by a couple of lip outs. If amateur golfers from around the world are managing to find OVER THE TOP GOLF® and adding twenty-plus yards to their drives, well....you'd think a guy like Price might just be doing some research on the web after spitting the bit so often at these events.

Nick Price lives in Hobe Sound, Florida which is about three good John Daly drives from where I live in Fort Pierce. I would be happy to show Nick how he could add twenty or thirty yards to his tee shots. It would be great publicity for me and my OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing method. Playing in the final group on Sunday, seeing him do that walk through finish, television viewers and on-course spectators alike would be asking themselves WTF??? Senior golf doesn't get much press anymore but I'll guarantee that Price winning an event using such an unorthodox looking golf swing would have the writers crowding the exit door of the scoring trailer.

I've conceded that I'll probably never get the opportunity to turn the crown price of lousy golf - Charles Barkley - into a scoring machine so perhaps I should set my sights a bit lower. I have passed McArthur Golf Club many times, Nick. Know right where the entrance is. Pick up the phone and, well, you never know, maybe the next thing you'll be picking up is a trophy. Remember how to do that?

Photo courtesy of www.thesportinglifeshow.com 
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