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ATLANTA, Georgia - Making crisp contact with the golf ball is a terrific feeling, isn't it? I often write golf instruction articles that seem geared toward higher handicap golfers, maybe because that's the largest consumer base for a golf guru like me. In my mind, as a writer, I'm subconsciously thinking about all the golfers to whom the feeling of making crisp contact is either completely unknown or perhaps just a fading memory. I imagine an older person reading this - or possibly a beginner, not a thirty year-old single-digit handicap golfer.

Well, if the better players reading this could speak to the not-so-proficient among us, they would explain how perfect a feeling it is to "nut" the ball, as Roy McEvoy so eloquently put it in the movie Tin Cup. It's an almost imperceptible sound, often described as a "click."  Stand near the first tee when the best golfers at your club, or perhaps the assistant pros, are taking their swings. There, you'll hear what it sounds like.

Those ladies and gentlemen who have the ability to click-click-click their way around a golf course probably came by it the usual way. Starting out at a young age, learning proper fundamentals and constant practice enabled them to build their swings on solid foundations. Is the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing useful instruction for really proficient golfers? Your emails and comments left on the blog don't tell me what handicaps you carry. Has my "golf swing optimization" method been a valuable tool for any club champions? I'd really be interested in knowing.....

When I first introduced OVER THE TOP GOLF, a descriptive term I used was "for the rest of us," meaning golfers who didn't have an opportunity to learn at a young age, before either bad pros, well-meaning buddies or your own idea of being self-taught turned you into a chocolate mess. OTG is a huge benefit for players with less-than-perfect foundations - golfers much like myself. The dynamics of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing enables everyone to achieve the click that tells you made crisp contact. It automatically creates the momentum necessary to pull it off. It squares the club face at just the right moment. Ever notice how those golf pros and club champions are always smiling?

If you don't have that smile - get it. If you once had it - get it back. And if you are already smiling - it's possible that OVER THE TOP GOLF can make you smile even more.


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