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NEW YORK, New York - The total number of women's golfers remains flat at around 23% of all adult golfers in the U.S. If there are 50 million golfers in the world then about 12 million are female. So what is the best golf swing for women golfers?

A few things are evident. First, percentage wise, there are as many, if not more, bad women golfers as there are bad male hackers. You've likely got problems with distance, accuracy, balance, putting and more. There are few DVD lessons that specialize in golf swings for women. The OVER THE TOP GOLF method works for everyone who wants to learn a great golf swing, women included.  If you're looking for the best golf instruction that builds confidence right from day one, you'll get it here by ordering the OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook.

“What is average women’s golf driving distance?”

arualla2002: I’m thinking between 75 to 125 yards. Depends on how good your swing is.

amarie319: I’ve been golfing for about 4 years, although I’m not that good! I average about 150 yards on a drive. That’s if I hit it right!

Doug: The average ladies drive is 175 yards.

Georgia Peach: I would say between 175 to 200, maybe 215 if  I play, and if I powder one its probably 200, 150 on a bad day…a VERY bad day

plsme: If your handicap is above 20, then you should drive about 180 yards.

The average woman's handicap is 28 yet comparatively few women avail themselves of lessons or other instructional methods. And, as with men, according to golf professionals, 90% of women amateurs have an  an outside-in, known as over the top,  golf swing.

Combine all of this with the perception that women are more driven to succeed than men, I'd have guessed that at least one-third of my customers would be female.

Would you believe one-quarter? A tenth?

Nope, less than 10% of golfers who purchased  the 
OVER THE TOP GOLF DVD have been women.

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