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FORT PIERCE, Florida - Naive interpretations of statistics derived from averages may be misleading. Still, many golf-related conclusions are arrived at in this manner. Is there a systematic technique that can be used to determine who or what, exactly, are Average Golfers?

The commonly accepted definition of what an Average Golfer is, usually determined by handicap indexes or other mathematically-based means, has a few counter-intuitive properties. Am I an average golfer? In golf, as in most other sports, differences absolutely exist between the expected value and the true value of how average is estimated. There are also different rules for creating estimates. I'll illustrate just one - how differing geographical locations of all golfers represented in the statistical base can greatly skew the results.

How does the Average Golfer from Florida stack up against the Average Golfer from Maine? One would assume that being able to golf year-around would result in a higher distribution of better players. So how does that theory explain the amazing plethora of talent coming from very cold places like Northern Ireland or Sweden?

Averaging by age, gender, physical characteristics or other means similarly produces varying results. Using a relatively small sampling base, the largest being all golfers everywhere -whom, for instance, would you choose to represent the best example of an Average Golfer at your club? Would choosing someone from the middle of the handicap printout seem like a practical formula? Sure seems simple enough.....except, Henry Quinlan did partner to win the member-guest and also cleaned you out pretty regularly on Wednesdays, can't call him average.....also, throw out Carol Dietrich who won her flight in every tournament and almost pulled off that upset in the Ladies Club fact, you'd probably decide that each and every candidate would prove to be decidedly un-average for one reason or another.

After working hard on your putting and all of a sudden everything is going in, not only do you feel above-average, you are. Learning a new golf swing optimization technique like OVER THE TOP GOLF and your finally able to hit a draw you feel anything but average because you're walking tall. You are finding ways to improve your golf game. When you go to sleep at night you feel satisfied which is a decidedly better feeling than, well, average.... 

There's no such thing as an average golfer yet the average golfer exists in each and every one of us. Stay average or spend fifteen bucks on an eBook that could change your golfing life? You decide.

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