Thursday, July 29, 2010


FORT PIERCE, Florida - It's the end of July so by now you know if your golf game is stale. Some big tournaments, matches and outings are coming up soon and you're caught between a rock and a hard place. You are in need of some golf swing optimization.....a golf video or DVD like the one from OVER THE TOP GOLF. A new golf swing method might be something to consider. It would be great to spruce things up, to correct whatever golf swing flaws have been keeping your buddies in free beer. But golf  lessons to cure your over the top golf swing will require a long adjustment period during which you'd play like a mutt. Hack your way to a mediocre showing or bite the bullet and get some golf instruction?

OVER THE TOP GOLF is a quick learn. The idea of incorporating five simple set-up changes into your golf swing sounds too easy, right? Same golfer, same swing, but better results. I'll leave the decision up to you. Improve your game by using a golf swing method that you can easily repeat or finish out of the money in this years's member-member.

One difference between conventional golf lessons from a pro and golf instruction from someone like me is that first lesson from the pro is just what it sounds like. It means you'll be required to take more of them. And practice, there will have to be lots of that too. In contrast, when you  finish watching my golf instruction DVD and start using the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing your lessons are over - except for your own experimentation leading to the further evolution of your swing. OVER THE TOP GOLF isn't a lesson - it is golf swing optimization.

The first time you see your golf ball heading straight down the fairway with some pace on it your jaw will drop. So this is golf swing optimization. You might not fully understand how it happened. Even though you might be swinging over the top, your golf ball is going straight. You'll wonder how a golf lesson from a DVD could have transformed you. You might even be a little afraid to try it again but one thing you know is that it felt good. Soon that golf swing flaw will be a distant memory.

Welcome to the world of free beer.


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