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PARAMUS, New Jersey - Which do you suppose is the best golf blog? That's difficult to qualify. One reader might want to be entertained with golf humor while another likes reading about the stars of golf. Some readers search out informative type blogs. Golf instruction and golf travel blogs are popular as are those that feature course reviews and, naturally, expensive and unneccesary equipment.

Does being the best golf blog equate with being the #1 blog in golf? My particular blog has an ulterior motive which is to convince you to try my great OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. Not many of us do this for therapy alone. Some blogs have more advertisements than content on the page - see Average Golfer, the "aw shucks" and "I reckon" guy from upstate NY. They squeeze out content in exchange for the pennies that come their way every time you click on one of their advertisers' pretty boxes. My blog has no advertising, as you can plainly see. OVER THE TOP GOLF will never have as many readers as most others.  My articles  are here specifically to show you the way to the land of golf happiness.

I like funny golf blogs but there aren't that many of them. Most are as dry as toast. If you saw a heat wave, would you wave back? One or two humorous entries can't hurt and as for those readers who'll think you are an idiot, who needs 'em? My neighbor has a circular driveway... He can't get out. You get the idea.

A very appealing photo of golfer Natalie Gulbis appeared in one golf blog. While sexy girls in bathing attire don't normally qualify as being golf-related, I'll cut these guys some slack. Just because it's Natalie - a true sweetheart. The name of another site is thegolfblog, I'm going to guess, from their name alone, that they would like to be known as the best golf blog as well. I will forgive their occasional side-trips into silliness (a Rachel Uchitel piece, for example) and must conclude that The Golf Blog is the perfect cocktail. A great mix of long stories and short, articles about golfers and articles about golf. Great photos and videos, no blaring, flashing advertisements, and archives that go back to January 2004 make The Golf Blog my choice for the best golf blog of them all.

Thanks to Steven Wright for the humor.

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