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MALIBU, California - Golfers rarely hear the two words "you're away" except on the green where it's a pretty ubiquitous thing. Out on the fairways after your foursome has teed off, obviously someone is "away" but the fact is rarely mentioned. When my drive ends up farthest from the hole I make preparations to be the next one to hit. I know that I'm away but unless I'm being outdriven by a real ballbreaker there's almost never a mention of it. But it's an undeniable fact that you don't want to deal with on each and every long hole, right? So how do you catch up to these guys? Here's a golf swing tip. Try Over The Top Golf. Prefer to go the conventional lesson route instead? By all means do. Improved mechanics can't hurt - just as long as you acknowledge and accept the reality of having to practice more and keep up with periodic lessons. Over The Top Golf is a swing method that doesn't require you to learn new mechanics. In fact, you can get even more aggressive with your present swing after employing the five set-up changes you'll learn.

Your next question is how a few set-up changes are going to transform you into one of those long drive gorillas. Will it make you stronger? No. Better balance? Nope. So what's the answer, Frankie C?

The Over The Top Golf setup promotes two things: a straight shot with an absence of sidespin and B) a lower trajectory. Both of these elements combine to produce extra yardage. If your inclination is to say that lessons or other golf instruction can lead to the same results, I wholeheartedly agree with two reservations. I mentioned the first that it will take hard work. Second, most amateur golfers simply can't learn a "proper" golf swing. I know I couldn't.

Now I own what I consider to be a great golf swing. What's best about it is consistency. Water hazards, searching for balls in the woods and OB are pretty much things of the past unless I try to get too cute. Once you have unlimited potential in your bag it's easy to become overconfident.

But even more satisfying than being the golfer who's ball is always in the fairway is walking up to it after everyone else has already hit. With confidence soaring, you're far more likely to stick that second shot. The three most important things in golf are how you carry yourself, shooting low scores and, of course, not being the shortest guy off the tee. Here's how.

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