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TAMPA, Florida - In the world of golf instruction, there are many paths that you can follow. Choosing the correct one is the key to fulfilling your desire – having a great golf swing. Famous golf instructors like Butch Harmon and David Leadbetter mimic previous golf teachers in that they continue to teach lessons on the foundation of accepted methods. Almost all PGA golf pros build their instruction upon the same platform.

Recently, there have been changes in the landscape of the golfing world. Different and alternative types of golf instruction methods have burst upon the golfing scene. One of them is called OVER THE TOP GOLF. This new golf swing method was created by an amateur golfer whose instruction methods simulate the innate movements of the body instead of requiring the balance & timing so critical in the correct performance of the PGA-type golf swing. As far as golf instruction techniques go, you'll found OVER THE TOP GOLF the easiest to learn. After a brief getting to know you period, you'll be able to grasp the fundamentals of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing. The results will be amazing! More solid contact, straighter golf shots and, best of all, an enormous amount of new-found confidence standing over the golf ball.

I had to create an alternative to the golf instruction methods that were available to me. The list of golf instructors who have littered my past seems endless. After each lesson, a bit of uncertainty and confusion always lingered. It seemed like I was missing some small, key element that prevented me from making progress. Compounded by the fact that golf instruction isn’t cheap, it's not so difficult to understand why I periodically contemplated leaving the game of golf for good.

To arrive at the golf course brimming with confidence is a very refreshing feeling. Somehow I feel taller and just a little bit more good looking than before. There’s a noticeable spring in my step and I’m just spoiling for a match. Even the club pro noticed my new persona. I’ve got game because of the OVER THE TOP GOLF swing.

Regardless of whether you have a tendency to slice, hook, hit worm-burners or shank the ball, OVER THE TOP GOLF is an alternative instructional method you should look into. To many golfers it might seem an unorthodox golf swing but it gets the ball into the fairway. It also gets you into your opponent’s pocket.


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