Friday, February 25, 2011


MIAMI, Florida - 2011 has brought the most fabulous run of winter weather South Florida has seen in years. While every day finds the temps hovering around eighty, at night the low 60s are heavenly. The always dependable offshore winds keep us cool while we play golf, go fishing or tourist around with the wife and kids. Day or night - South Florida in the winter is as good as it gets.

Despite all the attractions, restaurants, sporting events and the great weather that allows us to explore it all, occasionally we have to go home. And so it was a few evenings back that I sat down, cracked open a Bud and started channel flipping. Lo and behold, before going too far, I happened upon the old golf teacher, Hank Haney. Hank was giving golf instruction to talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. As a rule, I avoid loud, hyper-critical, argumentative programs so I'm not too familiar with Rush. I assumed he had a horrible golf affliction similar to Charles Barkley and Ray Romano who preceeded him on the show or why would he be there? These hopeless golfers seem to flock to Haney as if he could heal like the waters of the grotto at Lourdes.

Now there's only so much fantasy I can absorb at one sitting. Watching Haney put Rush through all the same tired drills that didn't work for the first two guys started wearing thin real quick. But somehow before I could move on, with my right thumb hovering just nano-meters from the channel button, Rush Limbaugh said something profound. And his words were echoes of every one of us who ever took a golf lesson....

"You need an MIT degree to remember all the stuff he's teaching me."

I have no idea if Rush was there trying to correct a slice or cure a hook but my money says that his problems still exist. Has Ray Romano broken 80? I haven't heard about it. Is Charles Barkley's golf swing still the ugliest thing on Earth? You betcha. So why would this chubby republican think his fate will be any different?

OVER THE TOP GOLF student Matt Luciano wrote "It must be obvious to all golfers that a lesson from a golf professional like David Leadbetter is only as good as how often the student is prepared to go back for refresher courses. And be willing to practice.....lots of practice."

Haney, Leadbetter or any assistant pro at any golf course or driving range, take your pick. If you have one of them as a roommate then I recommend letting them teach you. If not, especially if a rigorous practice routine isn't your cup of tea, you are destined to fail. One constant about golf teachers is that they teach things that most of us cannot possibly do. Charles knows it. Raymond knows it. I'm guessing by now that Rush knows it too.


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