Sunday, June 30, 2013


Give yourself a golf lesson. No, really.... 

FORT PIERCE, Florida - During the past few years there haven’t been many new and original approaches to golf instruction. OVER THE TOP GOLF is an exception. I created a new way to #swing a golf club that works wonders for all levels of golfers. In fact, I’ve heard it described as a magic wand that can transform hackers into legitimate players. There isn’t enough magic in that wand to make a 20 handicap start playing at scratch, however, improvement is always relative to the subject and his or her desire to play better. Golf presents all sorts of different challenges from wind to water that test both our patience and our confidence. Most of us seem content to play within our limitations rather than take steps to improve. Golf is, after all, just a game, right? Who cares about long and straight?

At some point in time, those of us who become so frustrated or embarrassed by our own performance on the course take the necessary steps to effect change. That means, of course, taking lessons. I loathe describing OVER THE TOP GOLF as a lesson because the word “lesson” conjures up visions of hard, diligent work. From the piano lessons many of us tolerated as children to the golf lessons we endure as adults, the word just has nasty connotations. As kids, we had no choice but as grown-ups, we are free to suck at golf, playing piano or any other damn thing we want to suck at.

OK, I’ll admit that OVER THE TOP GOLF is a golf lesson but it’s just one! Imagine a piano teacher who opened up a whole new world of music to you in just one lesson. That’s what I do - except with the golf swing. Believe it or not, playing golf is a whole lot easier than playing piano even though it sometimes feels like hitting a golf ball long and straight is a more difficult task than jumping over the moon.

The reason I entitled this article “Give Yourself a Golf Lesson” has nothing to do with masochism nor is it as stupid as it sounds. Your own golf swing, the core elements of it anyway, will remain intact after you learn OVER THE TOP GOLF. The same grip, the same swing path and the same fast or slow tempo + the five set-up changes of OVER THE TOP GOLF will regenerate your golf  swing. Your tee shots will be longer, your irons straighter. But the best part is, once you learn OVER THE TOP GOLF and incorporate it into your existing foundation; you’ll literally be able to give yourself a golf lesson anytime you need one!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Jupiter Hills Club - Tequesta, Florida
TEQUESTA, Florida - Sam “The Kid” Horsfield, 16 year old golfer from Davenport, Florida, wrapped up the 2013 Florida State Amateur Championship at JupiterHills Club by an amazing 11 shots today.  Shooting 4 under par on the hilly, demanding Hills Course, "The Kid" may have established himself as one of those names we’ll be seeing soon on a much larger stage.

Polk County, Florida isn’t a place you’d expect to find a budding young sports star. Located well outside of Orlando, Tampa and other larger towns that offer more and better golf facilities, Davenport is as small town as it gets. There’s more excitement in Davenport, Iowa than in its Florida namesake but sometimes our country’s athletic phenoms come from unlikely places. Bubba Watson, in fact, hails from an even smaller town - Baghdad, Florida.

So how does a 16 year-old boy capture the men’s tournament that every scratch golfer in Florida wants to win more than anything else? Jupiter Hills, even though it is a South Florida (read: flat) golf course, is built on a dune line that runs north and south along Florida’s Atlantic coastline. On this sturdy but undulating spine of sand, you’ll find the Florida East Coast Railroad tracks and not much else. If you are from the Tequesta area and had your choice of any golf course you could play – you’d choose Jupiter Hills. You won’t mind shooting ten or even twenty over your handicap because it’s just that nice out there. Point being, it is a real test of golf.

I just set up a Google Alerts search for Sam Horsfield in my Gmail account and fully expect his name to start appearing there regularly. Winning the Florida State Amateur as a 16 year-old is incredible enough. To accomplish the feat by such a large margin of victory stamps him as even more than that. Maybe soon, more folks than just me will be calling him “The Kid.”

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Sunday, June 9, 2013


FORT PIERCE, Florida - I couldn’t have created the OVER THE TOP GOLF® golf swing method if nature hadn’t already put all the tools in place - your intuitive physical tools, your energy, and your spirit. It is a ten-minute lesson. Initially the look of astonishment then the satisfied, knowing smile that you see on the face of each student is no different than the satisfaction you feel in your own creations. My role is to teach you to hit a golf ball longer and straighter by introducing you to the connections between your natural movements and the #golf swing.
The OVER THE TOP GOLF® Finish Position
Look at OVER THE TOP GOLF® as a means of learning to be yourself in the context of a confident player. Contrary to being self-confining, this very personal way of swinging the golf club frees you to utilize movements that are more comfortable – actions you use every day. You’re aware that while you are improving, you are also taking on the role of instructor and that role is shaping and defining your golf swing for the future.
OVER THE TOP GOLF® is golf swing optimization for golfers of all skill levels.

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