Monday, March 29, 2010


MIAMI, Florida - How many different golf teachers have instructional DVDs on the market? If you guessed "fifty" you'd be short by half because there are more than one hundred folks out there who promise to improve your golf swing. This number includes many YouTube contributors who  filmed themselves in their back yards-just so you'd be able to start shooting in the 70s like they do. Do what you've got to do to learn golf, I always say. If you follow my blog you might have read a comment from Kurt B in Oregon.

"In a short period of time I've been able to take a swing method I've practiced for a couple years, modify it with FC's Over The Top Golf lesson and create my own swinging/hitting method that feels more repeatable than anything I've tried in 20+ years of tinkering with this game. I like it."

Sometimes ideas can come from unlikely places and Kurt's comment is a perfect example. Allow me to explain.

Until now I considered folks like Natural Golf, Oneplane Golf, etc. my competitors. That's because we are essentially appealing to the same customers-golfers who need help with their swings. Notice that Kurt mentions that he's been practicing a "method" for a couple of years. It's obvious that the golf-swing method he's referring to has helped him. However, it's also obvious that there was something missing that prompted Kurt to investigate further. That's how he found Over The Top Golf.

Kurt already had a somewhat solid foundation with whatever golf swing method he'd been practicing but has been able to use the dynamics that result from the 5 set-up changes in OTG to complete the job. What better comment could I hope to hear from a student than "I like it?"

Did you learn your golf swing from a PGA pro? Perhaps you've gone beyond that and learned one of the online golf swing methods. And there is also no shortage of self-taught golfers. About ten percent of you will improve dramatically. That leaves ninety percent who either improved by varying degrees or, possibly, developed chronically bad habits. That's just the way it is. I refer to this percentage in general, of course, but according to teaching professionals, about 90% of their students will never eliminate their over the top move.

ANY GOLFERS OUT THERE LOOKING TO IMPROVE? DON'T CALL ME, CALL NATURAL GOLF! I'll bet they'll be thrilled to know I recommended them and I do wholeheartedly. Same for all the others advertising their golf improvement methods. GO FOR IT!

Has Frankie C gone crazy? Although it would seem so, Kurt B's comment really opened my eyes and I feel that I can now embrace my fellow golf gurus. Leadbetter? Haney? PLEASE go out and learn their golf swing methods. As I said, no matter which way you turn at the crossroads of golf instruction, it's likely you'll lack either the talent or the time and dedication to do someone's idea of a "perfect" golf swing. You'll still be coming over the top. That's when I'd like to meet you.

Thank you, Kurt. For buying my DVD, for acknowledging how useful Over the Top Golf is as the finishing touch to your own swing and for introducing me to my new buddies, Natural Golf, et. al.


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