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FORT PIERCE, Florida - Prompted by a number of videos sent in by those of you who are having trouble learning how to do the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing, I notice a common denominator in all of them. I'm hoping that a simple clue will help not only those who have already sent in examples of their golf swings but also golfers who have yet to try my innovative golf swing method. Unlike every other golf swing taught by PGA pros as well as other golf instructors, OVER THE TOP GOLF® makes use of the innate, natural movements of your body, specifically, torso rotation and forward movement. There's no need for a straight back takeaway, parallel shaft at the top or an inside-out swing path. Feet, hip and shoulder alignments, uncomfortable grips, tempos that don't suit you and other mechanics that usually serve to clutter up the mind with excessive swing thoughts need not be considered. Especially in the middle of a two-second golf swing. The OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing method teaches one fluid motion and it is that dynamic that is what's missing from all of the videos I've been sent. When you become tentative in your golf swing , a by-product of your former lessons I'm sure, the chances of success diminish greatly. Power is most definitely lost and the likelihood of the golf ball going straight is less.
The OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing method, if you've purchased my instructional eBook you know what I'm talking about, involves five simple set-up changes. These serve to create a great deal of torque which, in turn, produce accurate golf shots. Your ball flight will be tend to be lower with the woods and long irons producing more roll after the ball lands. With short irons and wedges, that same torque guides the ball straight toward the target. He (or she) who hesitates is lost!
So when using the OVER THE TOP GOLF® swing, trust yourself to go at the ball with the confidence that it will go where you want it to go, except probably farther.

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