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VERO BEACH, Florida - We all crave attention but a golf pro's recent assessment of my golf swing as being "too radical" made me wonder how he'd missed all of the other stuff pretending to be golf instruction. "You'll notice that the vast majority of my shots go dead-straight with some pace on them" I pointed out. Want to drive your pro a little crazy? Introduce him to something outside the box that actually works. I guarantee that, instead of researching the mechanics that make it possible, he'll be in his golf cart and gone before you tee up your next ball.

Okay, I'll be the first to concede that my OVER THE TOP GOLF swing might seem radical. It's different-looking, for sure, and always elicits responses from onlookers, playing partners, pros and their assistants, starters, rangers, other golfers on adjacent fairways,  driving range ball-pickers, people passing  in cars, pilots in low flying aircraft, etc.

Be that as it may, OVER THE TOP GOLF is so simple in both it's design and in practice that I can't help but laugh when I read some of the wacky golf instruction that passes for normal. I'll share a few with you. Will any of these fix your slice?

1. Change position of the hands. Put the other one on top and visa-versa.

2. Don't be so upright. You must take the club back flatter. That is more around your body. That would be a good start. Then make sure that just before impact you start releasing the club head sooner than before. Visualize the club head traveling on an inside to out path at impact. There are of course a lot of other things that need to take place in order to duplicate and become effective and repetitive. Make sure weight is transferred to left side before impact. End up with all of your weight on that left foot and be up on right toe in balance.

3. Bring your club to the top of your swing. Now, instead of just swinging away, start the downswing and get the club into the position it should be at about halfway down, but slowly. Bring the club back up to the top, and repeat that move, only a little faster this time. Bring the club back up to the top and repeat the move at about 3/4 speed. Finally bring it to the top and swing. The three previous practice moves should ingrain some muscle memory, and the swing path should be where it needs to be.

I could go on for another hundred pages but you get the idea already. The golf swing has become so complicated that the average golfer  can't keep up without a secretarial pool to keep him current.

If you want to start hitting really authoritative golf shots; the ones that tell people you are a good golfer, try OVER THE TOP GOLF. For the ridiculously low price you'll pay, a game you only dreamed about could be yours. Your pro might not like it but who is more important, him or you?



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