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FORT PIERCE, Florida - When a golfer has a career day, whether it's on the course, on a driving range or during a golf lesson, his spirit soars. Hitting a golf ball flush is almost as difficult as flying without an airplane so when it all comes together it's magical. Trust me, you can hit the Lotto and it won't feel as good as being able to nut the golf ball each and every time you play. For many golfers, having a great golf swing seems far fetched. With all of the golf instruction choices, how can I choose the best golf swing for me? A few days ago I received a letter from a fellow who had purchased my golf instruction DVD some time ago. It feels good to know that, while I can't arrange for you to hit the lottery, I can teach you something even better.

Hi Frankie-

I purchased your DVD several weeks ago and watched it a number of times. I finally went to the range to give it a try.It has been several months since I've been to the range (I haven't played on a course in almost two years).

I found the set up instructions very easy to follow and just went with what felt good without any mechanical thoughts-- this in itself was a revelation compared to all the inane swing "rules" instructors would burden one with.

I found that splitting my hands apart a few inches and swinging the club like a hockey slap shot worked very well. Instead of bringing the club to the inside, I started the backswing with what felt as an outside move-- I figured it would be easier to swing outside to in this way. I also fanned the club open a few degrees as you alluded to in one of your blogs. If an instructor saw the set-up and swing, I'd be told to sell the clubs and take up bowling-- who cares what they think?

Most shots were quite solid with nice distance. I am still working on alignment with the target.I need to work on the walking to the target after the shot.

The method is by far the easiest I have attempted (I have tried many swing methods) as you do what feels natural- you are absolutely right about this.This swing is self correcting without having to think very much or what I call playing with a lobotomy.Thanks for your help and ideas.I'll let you know what happens when I take it to the course.

Take care,

Steve F

Steve took a chance and went "outside the box" to solve golf swing problems that had been vexing him for years. It's unfortunate that his previous encounters with golf pros and golf instruction DVDs only served to confuse him and drive him away from the game. Years wasted when all he wanted to do was learn - not the best golf swing - just a golf swing that worked. Whatever Steve's swing issues were, one of the golf professionals in his past should have identified them and made corrections based on his ability. Perhaps Steve didn't have the time to practice. Attempting to teach golfers like Steve to hit 275 yard drives is ridiculous. Had his pro just recognized that Steve had limitations, changing his curriculum to one that would have insured that he could at least play decent golf would have been more humane. Steve grasped a second chance to play great golf and so far it looks like a reason to celebrate.


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