Thursday, June 14, 2012



Dear Frankie,

Did you know that OVER THE TOP GOLF is a social networking tool as well as a great golf swing method? It's true. Let me elaborate.

The typical interaction between golfers at a driving range, unless it's the person in the next teeing station, is "hey, how ya doing?" After that, people used to notice me as much as I did them - only occasionally if at all. The only reason, it seems, that anyone out there ever pays particular attention is when there's a hot chick getting in some practice or a some gorilla bombing them past the end of the range.

Since I started using your OVER THE TOP GOLF swing, things have changed. Curious onlookers now frequently approach me to ask about my golf swing. Both men and women alike are drawn to observe what I'm doing.

The first thing that people notice is my finish position which is, as you know, walking through the shot. But, in general, an unusual finish position isn't enough to warrant more than a passing glance. But then after they see me hitting straight ball after straight ball, almost like a machine (which is actually how I feel when I'm beating balls,) they start to come a little closer and the questions begin.

Which brings me to another point. How about establishing some sort of bonus system so I can make a few bucks every time I help sell one of your golf lessons? I'm sure that many of your customers have come from my high recommendations. And what they just saw at the driving range, of course.

Your student and friend,

Lefty Baker

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