Tuesday, June 1, 2010



MOUNT POCONO, Pennsylvania - Last week during a trip through the northeast I had the great pleasure of playing at Wild Pines Golf Club with assistant pro Robbie Anderson. It was a round I'd been looking forward to because he's someone I've enjoyed playing with and against for many years in Pennsylvania. Also the fact that he can't putt meant that I had a good chance of realizing a profit on the day.

It has only been since 2007 that I have been using the Over The Top Golf swing and most of that time has been spent in South Florida. Rob saw the swing right after I first came up with it but not since then. Naturally I wanted to hit the golf ball well. For years he had been hearing how long, low and straight I've been hitting it. No time to eat a big breakfast, right? Ooops, too late....

I have often wondered whether my golf swing method will ever be used by a golf pro. Either at some tour level, a long drive competition or even being practiced (and hopefully, taught) by a club pro somewhere. I must admit that on the occasions when I managed to convince golf pros to try just one OTG swing they've gotten all twisted up like beginners. Yet once amateurs learn it, their formerly grotesque golf swings become things of  beauty.

You don't want to hear about our round of golf but I'll tell you that I played with clubs borrowed from another assistant pro (stiff-shafted blades, of course), pulled a muscle in my back, took a another friend's muscle-relaxer in the absence of any aspirin and proceeded to not be able to breathe from an allergic reaction for the next two hours. I was lying backwards over rocks, berms, even stumps in an effort to obtain relief from the pain and sudden asphyxiation. Two tequilas and some beer at the turn helped a little and finally I got my famous golf swing back on track.

Toward the end of the day I asked Rob whether he'd like to learn the Over The Top Golf swing. He said "sure."

So on the 18th tee box, after quickly noting the five OTG set-up changes, Robbie Anderson casually stepped up to the peg and crushed the ball  325 yards down the line.

"Hey, that felt good", he beamed, "throw me another ball....."


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