Tuesday, November 20, 2012



ACUSHNET, Massachusetts - The joy that a person feels when succeeding at a difficult and important task is virtually an unsurpassed pleasure. In the case of learning an effective golf swing, it's exceptional, of course, but in the case of teaching that same effective golf swing, the taste is almost as sweet. During these last few years, golf students had to buy my OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional DVD in order to learn the method. That entailed waiting for the package to arrive, thereby dampening some of their enthusiasm. By comparison, my new OVER THE TOP GOLF instructional eBook appears in seconds. The difference for the student is like night and day. After reading an article in my blog, if you are intrigued, you can purchase my eBook and immediately begin the learning process. You are in your living room, eight-iron in hand, trying out this new and different golf swing, acknowledging it's simplicity, coming to the realization that you can do it and that it is going to work wonders for your game....well, there aren't many better forms of instant gratification than that.

What it's meant for me is now I am getting your feedback. I always found it interesting that of the hundreds of golfers who purchased my DVD, nobody ever complained - well there were two people actually - or requested refunds, called me an idiot, etc. that one should probably expect in this business, right? But it was also curious to note the lack of any other types of responses like praise or perhaps, advice on how I could improve my method even more. Nothing, nada, zip....

I don't pay attention to other golf instructors although I am aware that there are many instructional DVDs out there that help you learn different golf swing methods. Do Butch Harmon, Tom Watson or Stack & Tilt also offer eBooks? Are they full of effective, easy to follow drawings and narrated like the OVER THE TOP GOLF eBook or are they just collections of videos like my DVD was? Is the golf student likely to immediately "get it?" And most importantly, will he or she be able to "keep it?" Instant gratification for me is hearing about how my students are getting it. I am confident that most of them will be keeping it too.

Updated 06-14-2013